Card Match Solitaire – Mastering the art of tile and card matching

[Game] Card Match Solitaire

Card Match SolitaireJoin on a Puzzle Adventure with Card Match Solitaire!

Experience the captivating blend of classic solitaire and innovative tile-matching in “Card Match Solitaire.” This game seamlessly merges the excitement of match-3 mechanics with the strategic depth of solitaire, offering countless levels of enthralling challenges. From wild cards to jokers, each level introduces new elements and surprises to harvest, perfect for puzzle enthusiasts and card game lovers alike.

Dynamic Gameplay
“Card Match Solitaire” takes you on a grand puzzle journey. Pair cards, including special Tile cards to clear the board. The game evolves with each level, introducing complex tile arrangements reminiscent of TriPeaks, Klondike, Freecell and mahjong. With every match, engage in a brain-relaxing puzzle that tests your strategy and skill.

Stunning Visuals and Interface
Dive into a world of vibrant graphics and captivating animations. The game’s interface combines classic charm with modern casual gameplay, creating an immersive experience. Enjoy the visual feast of colorful tile cards, designed to soothe and relax your mind.

Key Features

Master a unique mix of classic solitaire, match three and mahjong elements to cruise through the levels.
Tap on the cards in the pile to clear them from the board
Enjoy a blend of classic suits – Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades – and unique tiles including wild cards, jokers, plus fruit and cake-themed designs for an engaging twist
Tackle levels with special surprises and grand challenges, particularly in the TriPeaks-style layouts.
Ideal for quick casual play or engaging puzzle sessions.
Offline mode available: perfect for playing anywhere on your phone or tablet. No Wi-FI needed!
Daily bonuses and exciting special challenges to harvest for endless fun.
Free game and suitable for all, easy to start but challenging to train your brain and become a master.

“Card Match Solitaire” is your go-to game for a relaxing, yet challenging solitaire experience. Whether you’re a fan of board games, classic solitaire, or casual puzzles, this game has something to entice everyone. Download now on your phone or tablet, and start your journey to mastering the art of tile and card matching!

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Card Match Solitaire user reviews :

FUN GAME. You do have to think and pay attention or you will fill up your □ boxes below. You can will the level if you pay attention.

Really easy. Wish there was an option to pick level of difficulty

  • The initial levels are designed to be straightforward, serving as a tutorial to familiarize you with the game. However, rest assured, the difficulty escalates as you advance further.

Great and cool game but NO one with an iPhone can join my chat room and only Android users can be offered in Play Store. Triple Match 3D and Royal Match are so hard and everyone wants to play this one. Please offer on Apple Store for my family and friends.

Very challenging levels. Hate that you have to spend monies to defeat levels unfortunately

It is fun with some challenges. Earn coins without paying, but the boosters are in short supply and cost a lot of coins to obtain them (without paying). However, I am not very far to say the puzzles cannot be won without. Does not drain battery life, not overloaded with Ads, yet. I like playing and think they are doing a good job with regard to their app.

Logical. Relatively easy as long as you look closely and play strategically.

I absolutely love this game, I love that it gets more challenging with every level.

Card Match Soĺlatèry,I like the game very much. It is a lot of fun to play. You have got to try it yourself.

Keeps ya on your toes but a relaxing game to play!!! Go for it!!

Use logic, and you’ll succeed. Good brain exercise!

Fun game that makes you think first before you act.

The game is fun. The ads after every play is really frustrating. There’s also a cash shop, so unsure why we’re forced to watch ads.

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