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[Game] Monsters Lab – Freaky Running


On your marks, get set, and the race is on to see if you can complete the transformation of your monster before you reach the finish line in this fun, freaky running game. Complete each obstacle course by dodging barrels, knocking back the killjoy nuclear clear-up team, and sprinting through the right gates to merge the DNA of each part of your monster runner limb by limb.

Can you impress the judges and get full marks for your crazy science project? Find out in this super fun and original running game.


Do the monster mash! There are dozens of different iconic monsters to create as you race through the game, but you’ll have reach the finish line before your monster turns around and you get to face the full horror of what you’ve birthed into the world this time.

Unnatural selection! Create a seamlessly matching monster by running only through the green gates on the obstacle course, or switch between green and red gates as you run to mix and merge, stitching together a crazy mutant from random monster spare parts, with thousands of possible combinations to explore.

High voltage! Bumping into objects or enemies can wear you down, and you’ll need plenty of energy to complete each obstacle course, so don’t forget to recharge before you hit the next barrier. Fortunately, your monster runs on standard batteries, and there are plenty to collect in each level. Just keep an eye on the green energy bar to ensure your mutant runner is always pumped and ready for action.

Science, sports and style! Crazy science fiction, fun racing and slick graphics merge to make an exciting, stylish and original game that’s cool, creepy and entertaining all in one. Amazing character design for each and every monster brings to life pop culture icons and the wildest mutations you can imagine. Try to guess who you’ve spawned this time, and find out when you finally reach the finish line.


Love wild obstacle courses? Got running in your DNA? Looking for a game that’s all action and monstrously entertaining? Engage your inner crazy scientist, revel in your god-like powers of creation, lace up your monster running shoes and hit the track in a mutant race for victory where only the fittest and freakiest survive.

Download Monsters Lab now and take sports science and evolutionary biology to new and dreadful extremes in a game that merges all your favorite genres and activities.

Monsters Lab user reviews :

It’s good but the toxic cans do nothing and wouldn’t let me equip the monsters so I’m unstalling it

Say games, your zoo game was excellent. This looked full of ads. It was full of them. It would glitch and the settings NEED a sensertivity line. Cos I just fell off and off and off. Like the huggy wuggy. Looked funny. In the next update I’ll try this game again. Hope for the sensertivity button soon!!!!!

  • Hey! We’re not huge fans of ads either, but we can’t keep our game free without them. They help us develop new features, maintain the app, and release updates. We’d love it if you changed your mind. Come back soon!

You get an ad every level. If you drop it down to an ad every three or four levels, you have yourself a decent time killer.

At least this game isnt as laggy as the others. The problem I have though, are the ads. I get advertisements every level. I will consider reinstalling if you cut down on the advertisements.

Well. This is my new favorite mobile game. Love how there’s monsters from different franchises. Such as Huggy wuggy. Cartoon cat. And siren head. And I also like how you can fight the monster your about to unlock at the end of a level. So what are you waiting for. Download this game now or I will merge cartoon cat with siren head!

It’s all right it’s a fun but I’m trying to collect all the monsters in the game and I have made some serious progress it’s fun and the characters keep it engaging I just wish there was a little more to it like maps

This game is actually really addicting. It’s not like those voodoo ads you see all the time. Like draw climber or spiral roll. But in other words. This game is absolutely amazing. So keep up the hard work say games!

This is a very good game very well made I love this game and I had all the monsters before and they updated it and I’m having a blast with trying to get the new monsters it is such a good game and please add the monster on the bonus level to play as and unlock

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