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[Game] Move the Block – Slide Puzzle

Move the Block

Move the Block : Slide Puzzle is a simple and addictive sliding block puzzle game!

Get the red block out of a 6×6 grid full of wooden blocks by moving the other blocks out of its way. Solve each stage without any hints to earn 3 stars and a super crown!


Move the red block to the exit.
Horizontal blocks can move from side to side.
Vertical blocks can move up and down.
Unblock the exit to solve the puzzle!


Hundreds of puzzles to solve!
Use the available hints to figure out the answer
Use Reset and Undo buttons to get a second chance
Smooth and beautiful animation
Relaxing sound effects






Move the Block : Slide Puzzle contains ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
Our games are free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like AD FREE and hints.
You can enjoy the game on various devices and screen sizes! (smartphones and tablets)

Come enjoy the best slide puzzle game! Slide the wooden blocks & unblock the exit to win!

Move the Block user reviews :

Just started playing and I already have the need to leave a review, which is not a good thing. The game itself is fine, puzzles seem good and moving the tiles is nice and smooth. What isn’t fine is that the banner ads on the bottom of the screen cover the menu button. That is one of the worst places to put the ads. Even if the game is simple. You might want to fix this.( Also, get rid of that stupid end result music. It’s dumb, loud, and annoying)

Great fun game that works my puzzle muscles. It’s free, but you can pay to remove ads (the correct way to do micro transactions). I would give it 5 stars except they added achievements for buying things which I don’t feel is right since spending money shouldn’t be an achievement… kinda defeats the purpose of calling it an achievement, really. Me spending money isn’t my achievement, it’s theirs

  • Thanks for your important feedback! We will deliver your opinion to our development team so they can improve game better.

I love the game play but there are way too many ads. I get an ad at least once a game (which only last about 1min). I understand that you make money from the ad space but I don’t enjoy playing when every minute I have to watch a non skipable 30second ad. The game itself is great! I love puzzle games but this just has way too many ads.

There is a permanent address below the game and forced ads between levels/on launch. Even with the sound option off the adds will stop your music stream. It would be nice if the sliding of the blocks was easier to control. I’ve had to reset levels because I thought I pulled the block far enough but it turns out I didn’t. This is minor, the big pain is the ads

The puzzles aren’t difficult. But when you can obviously slide the block left, but it won’t let you, I don’t understand. There is nothing blocking the wood’s movement, yet, you still can’t slide it. Why? I’ve played tons of puzzle games, yet this one is the first wherein the rules of movement are arbitrary. No instructions are provided. Then the response to my first post was very condescending. I repeat, the puzzles are *not* too difficult. It just doesn’t allow you to move free blocks.

  • Hi! Sorry to hear you cannot enjoy our game due to its hardness. I will deliver your message to developers to be aware of your feedback. Thank you for playing our game.

So if you wanna skip the adds , after you complete the puzzle and that screen that pops up saying “awesome” instead of clicking on the fast-forward icon to go onto the next puzzle click on the icon to the left. The three lines with the dots next to each line. It’ll send you to the puzzle menu and you can just go to the next puzzle without any adds .

This game is addictive if you don’t want the ads in between each level when you’re playing then you can turn off your data/WiFi and play offline. I’ve completed all of the levels and wanted to continue playing so much that I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it several times. Hey game devs how about adding more new levels to the game to make it more enjoyable and addictive.

Awesome wanted to switch from easy to next level but couldn’t figure out how was .you only unknown levels are labeled precisely. I hate when you pick advanced and find a 3 yr. Old could win or easy is a level for the professor of the local college. Endless levels every board is different. If you want easy pick easy . If you want difficult pick it but good luck teach. Play on

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