2048 Shoot and Merge – Enjoy the game with your family

[Game] 2048 Shoot and Merge Block Puzzle

2048 Shoot and Merge

Tap screen & shoot bricks
Merge blocks in a line with the same number
Get higher number and challenge high score


MULTIPLE THEMES! There are 2 themes, one is Wood and one is Cute. Let’s try them.
Addictive and innovative game play
Easy to learn, hard to master
Minimalism graphics suitable for all ages
Playing the game with your FRIENDS
No time limit

Enjoy the game with your family

2048 Shoot and Merge user reviews :

Out of all the short shoot and merge games I’ve tried this is by far the best most challenging one. I like it because it keeps your brain activeyou got to think if you want to win the game and you can win the game it just takes time and thinking through the whole thing. but if you just want to shoot and merge and when the game. This one is not for you. Do yourself a favor use this game to keep your brain Sharp. I got to give it 4 1/2 stars. Good job guys keep it up. Thanks

Enjoyable brain teasing game but you are forced to see a commercial just for opening the game and again and again every achievement you get. I dream of the days when we were able to buy a great game and play where and when ever I choose, even if there is no internet, which is only used to pollutes my life with advertising!!!

Last update was horrible regarding ads, it’s way too much and makes the game unenjoyable. Hope it gets fixed soon. Also gets buggy sometimes with gaps between blocks.

I uninstalled the game after 10 minutes if okay bvb because everytime I reach a new level, the game jumps to a half minute ad. If i wanted those apps, i would already have them. Unfortunate since I like the game really well.

  • Thank you for your feedback, we will improve more

Its a good game, but the ads are i trusive. I dont mind ads, but why force them every single time I make a large number. Ive already purchased this game from a different developer, I’m not inclined to purchase one that appears to care only for their revenue.

Good game for letting me know totally mathematics and I will rate it five stars good for learning and development of skills excellent addition game for all ages and abilities. Good for learners to add and know about adding different types of numbers of different ways, types, digits etc. numbers and digits I’ve got many big numbers Maths car I suppose

I was about to set a record and the game crashed. there was empty space between blocks and after a few seconds the game completely crashed

Nice addictive game. There is a problem of not showing 16000 (shows 8000 again) and no option to share high score via others means than facebook. It would be also good to be able to see the board when game is over.

you guys really ruined the game and its a shame cause it was really good. why would you not give us 64s? the game gets very boring without 64s. please fix this in the next update and make the game fun again

LOVE the game. Wish there was an option to buy it so you wouldn’t be interrupted by an ad every 90 seconds.

It keeps your mind busy with numbers is fun to see how the numbers match up and then the screen itself was up it’s interesting enough a good game for adults or kids

i was going to give it a 5 star but too many commercials it takes the fun out of it when a person has too stop just cause a commercials can you fixed that

The game is magically challenging colorful exciting, very fun to explore and play with.

Nice mathematical game if I think this game is very useful to kids,because the game is fully built by maths so the kids ar also built by unmathematical so it develop there knowledge since there blossom

It’s not just a game but the useful tool to help me concentrate with things. So nice and addicted right now.

Makes you think an MMA if you just press the button quickly it’ll it’ll help with your your memory in your skills to move quickly

Meh. Ads are intrusive. Gameplay is okay. RNG is a major factor

In my opinion, I think this game is like fun but in the same time not. I don’t like it that much but it’s fun if you’re bored and you want to have fun.

Great game, love the way this game challenges….speed of the game is also great

It so much fun. I can’t stop playing it once I start.

its only 8multiple number if it is multiple digits its very interesting

very intresting game . after playing this we can’t stop ourself to play this game . exellent game

Amazing game It’s really cool and fantastic It’s mind-blowing

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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