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MovepicMake fabulous live photos, live wallpapers & gifs with animation effects using Movepic 3d photo editor & video motion editor with music.

Add amazing animation effects, including 170+ dynamic sky replacement, 230+ live 3d stickers, as well as 140+ popular 3d filter and overlays. Particle dispersion, glitch arts and more!

Download Movepic, become a photoloop artist, and show your 3d motion picture or cinemagraph pro with your friends now.

Move the still image
Animated pictures in alight motion picture simply by drawing a path.
Adjust the speed of the pixaloop photo animation effect.
You can draw the after motion path for clouds to float. and make fire dance. Become an excellent live photo editor & 3D photo animator, and make amazing videos with pixeloop effects.

Decorate your photos with amazing dynamic skies
Replace the bland bg with colorful animated pictures sky changer.
Create pixel art with sky replacement in this live sky editor like vimage. Add dolphins, astronauts, etc. to your photo sky editor.

Pixel Dispersion Effect
Add amazing dispersion effects and 3d picture effect by simple taps. Turn your photos into sci-fi movie clips with awesome presets
Customize the speed, direction, and motions mode of the particle animation

Super camera fx 3D effects
Add real camera moving effects like 3d lighting effects and dope transitions to your pics and videos. Create 3D effects in pixamotion from ordinary photo live with this after motion editor.

Dynamic and rich stickers
Movepic supports adding multiple live stickers and lightmotion, decorate your poppic anyway you like.
Add dynamic smoke to the coffee, add 3d picture effect and 3d zoom to change sky. Make motion stills more vivid and enlight with dynamic stickers

Add Motions to photos With Overlays
Add live Overlays to bring mood and pixamotion to still photos with alight motion presets. Get 3d motion graphics effects for cinemagraphs to make your motion stills images come alive: weather overlays, sparkles and nostalgia VHS. Share your creation, or creating animation backgrounds and live wallpapers with lightmotion.

Parallax 3D photo effect
Instant parallax photo live maker and 3d photo editor, using life image to make live photo animation and add 3d lighting effects.

AI Face animator
Make face animation from livephoto. Create heritage photo movement with animated motion portrait. Use our new portrait maker, make your deep nostalgia photo alive and motionleap.

Music of all genres
Add pop, cinematic music or ambience to your amotion and fotos from Movepic’s rich music library.
Use our live photo creator with music to turn livephoto into music video, edit live photo to video with music and enlighten your creativity. Local music is also supported.

Doubel exposure
Blend and overlap multiple photos. Be an excellent blend maker and blend editor by using all these photo blending effects and 3d zoom.

Edit moving photos
Add multiple texts and stickers in amotion to turn live photo to gif.
Add unique 3d filter to beautify your cinemagraphs and poppic. Get a live background and pixeloop for your video and foto to creating animation backgrounds.
Try our latest magic stickers and sky changer. Share your fun results.
Hype your unique text on your cinemagraph pro and live photos.
Customize your story to adjust brightness, contrast and pixaloop. Customize the hue and sharpness as a 3d photo editor.

Movepic is a complete photo motion app and animation photos maker using life image to change sky.

Post your masterpieces with 3d picture effect on TikTok, or share them. Use this pocket video editing master, photoloop controller & live photo to video maker to edit alight motion videos, and make lumyer moving pics. To be the shiniest enlight pixa motion maker, artist of avatar animation photos with loopsie tools, and the best live photo to gif maker with quickshot and vimage, also those loopsie tools.

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Movepic user reviews :

I use this app to make my pictures of dragon Ball z characters auras move like they would in the anime and I can pinpoint certain points to stop where it doesn’t pull their skin or disfigure their bodies in wave like motions.

Try the magic skies- they’re lovely! The overlays and stickers as well. I would love to see more options and extra customization abilities for them in the future, but it’s really a solid app as is. (Edit: the ability to open from Google photos, not just the device, as well as hardness/opacity brush options for customizing the magic sky would be nice, but even lacking these your photos turn out beautiful. Maybe next update!)

This app is very complete so you can really have fun if you are creative. The interface is very well designed and easy to use, quite intuitive as well despite offering a wide selection of tools. However, and this is the only reason why I didn’t rate it 5 stars, the animation is not pixel perfect. I froze and unfroze areas to test it but I’ve always got the same result so unless I missed an important step, this is something which needs fixing!

  • Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. The animiation issue will be looked into and we will do our best to fix and improve it. Please keep following us for the latest updates, and looking forward to your attention to your higher star rating and reviews.

The best app ever. So glad I downloaded this! The movement is quite realistic. It has numerumerous other filters you can apply to pictures. It has light, fireballs & glitch effects, snow, butterflie & more. The photo editor is an absolute pleasure. Also, various style fonts with color and motion to the fonts. The letters pop!You won’t be sorry you downloaded this. It takes very little time to learn. It’s the best! A must have! My posts get huge response. Add music & WOW! OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

  • hello, Anne Puckett. thank you so much for your kind words, Which is really important for our Movepic team. we will keep optimize it and make it better for our users. hope you can keep follow us and we are looking forward to your sincere feedback. Wish you have a good day.

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