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[Game] Brave Friends

Brave FriendsBrave Friends is a story of true friendship, where you can immerse yourself in an exciting adventure, find the hidden treasure and free the brave animals!

Once upon a time, a happy group of animals lived on a beautiful island till one day a wicked witch found this paradise. After that, all animals have been caught and put into magic cages.
You need to use your power to rescue the animals and become their hero!

Merge items, release the animals, and defeat the evil witch.
You have a chance to discover new territories and buildings!
Don’t forget to find a mysterious island!

Many exciting quests and gifts await you!
Team up with the animals and help them rebuild their home!

Brave Friends user reviews :

I’m sorry….just tired of all the “use all the energy source to harvest and/or build” whatever objects that require it merge games! Then once your out of energy source or coins to purchase more,your finished! I also don’t fancy having 2 take forever 2 build up something,(ie;buildings,domes WHATEVER the game calls for.) I’m also not keen on constantly having 2 feed a character. These types of merge games just aren’t enjoyable for me! The graphics aren’t 2 bad & im sure it’s well made otherwise

  • Thank you for your feedback. We understand your frustration. Our game relies heavily on energy sources and coins, making it difficult to progress when they run out. Time-consuming building processes and the constant need to feed characters can be tedious and take away from the enjoyment of the game. We have taken note of your comments.

Amazing game. Love the portrait mode. Removed a star because I do wish the animals moved around and there was an animal button to feed them added to the bottom of the screen. Second star removed because with every level up, the energy cap should raise, having to do so much on only 80 energy is pretty difficult.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed the game. Your request will be passed on to our specialists! Have a great day!

Fun cute little game, runs really smoothly and is bright and cheery. There is ways to get extra energy and items with ads too, also thankfully you are not bombarded with long annoying ads like some games, the ads are short and not at all a bother to your gaming experience…I really like this game.

  • Hi! Thank you for your feedback. We’re really glad you enjoyed the game!

Nice game but runs out of energy too fast, sometimes I even forget I have this game in my phone because of lack of energy. And also it’s an offline game but can’t login without internet

Great game colorful graphics easy too

Cheep knock off of merge animals no no you can make it different not exactly the same

  • You’re correct that games within a particular genre often share common characteristics, leading to a sense of similarity among them. This is because game genres serve as a framework for categorizing and understanding games based on their core mechanics and themes. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for games in the same genre to exhibit similarities.

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