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[Game] MU Devils Awaken

MU Devils AwakenThe original team of MU ORIGIN joined hands with WEBZEN again
Breaking through the limits of 3D MMORPG graphics
MMORPG2.0 Genesis
Invite you to witness the next miracle, download and experience it now!

European and American Servers. Cross-server system
MU Online European and American Servers/Innovative MMORPG Cross-server system for social PvP/The world of MU is always changing. This time, it’s up to you to guard the world of MU! Receive the Archangel Sword and enjoy the adventure fun brought by MU online!

The dynamic fashion is gorgeous, and the colorful wings are extremely cool
The “five parts” of the whole body change fashion, dynamically show the magnificence of MU, where you can change equipment, wings, mounts, Horcruxes, spirits, and titles as you want! Fantastic Magical Light and Shadow, gorgeous Archangel Sword, everything is continuing to write a legend of MU~~

Innovative peer-to-peer, free trade is the real miracle
The strongest free trading system in the history of MU – in addition to traditional trading methods, you can also trade face to face with other players. The Trading House does not need to wait online, and the items will be managed and traded by the Trading House after offline; the alliance auction system auctions rare items, and the Glory Alliance of the material output has priority auction privileges and other innovative gameplays, which cannot be more free~

Break through the traditional gameplay and innovate professional control
With the awakening of miracles, classic professions such as swordsman, magician, and archer are back in glory, and popular professions such as saint tutor and devil swordsman are ready to go! MU ORIGIN 2 breaks through the traditional professional gameplay, and the skills are fully advanced and awakened. Say no to the boring single skill. Immediately experience the cool random matching of new skills!

Innovative gorgeous scenes where you can build a new Land of MU
The upgrade of MU’s full screen and light and shadow effects is by no means a casual talk! Swaying seaweed, flowing ripples… perfectly restore Atlantis in the deep sea. The glamorous equipment and realistic map scenes give you a sense of visual substitution as if you are in a fairyland.

A variety of free activities are in full swing, join now!

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MU Devils Awaken user reviews :

Critical! I have a Samsung S21 +, and it should be more than capable of running this game. When I load it, though, it won’t even go past the loading screen to where you select your server, IF it even loads it to there. I have tried uninstlling and reinstalling, but it is still the same issue. I have a screen recording, too, if you want to see it.

I wish there was some way for us to import our original characters from the other game to play in this new game it sucks that the only option is to start over and what fun is that if we already some of us already worked hard on our characters I really would appreciate it as someone who’s been playing for a very long time if we can import characters from the other game to this game and it makes sense and hopefully at some more female character options hopefully like changing their complexion

What happened with mu origin 2? Where are my heroes and where are the money I spend for this game? You just stop the game then exchanging it with this one and the players that spend hundreds of dollars to go and to ….. themselves. Now again the greedy action about money again from the beginning. Where are my money that I spend for mu origin 2? For these animated pictures? Where is?? After 1 year let’s change this one with another one. Return the money or transfer all the heroes to the new game

Very nice game with great story content & fantastic graphics! Only issue… Terrible Spelling & Gramer. Needs a “Proff Reader” to clean up the story lines.

the game is good always updated and very addicted to play.. but one thing is probably problem. the devs are not active to reply all the questions..

Pretty good game I like it has glitches and it freezes a lot and they need to upgrade the storage I live in that I like the graphics in the characters

Throw back to old school rpgs; however ,not at the level of past pc games of this franchise, yet still fun.

game forces access to phone to make and receive claiming account security… they don’t have my account info, I use my google account, and I am on a tablet

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