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Dragonheir Silent Gods Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an open-world high-fantasy RPG that puts you in control of over 200 heroes. In the multiversal adventure, you’ll experience strategic combat like never before, where every move counts and every decision could be the difference between victory and defeat.

With rolling dice and seasonal multiversal content, Dragonheir keeps things fresh and exciting, offering endless possibilities for adventure and exploration.

Game Features

Adventure In An Open World
A wide array of activities and pursuits await in the open world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods – hunt for treasure, solve intricate puzzles, join a drinking contest or a cooking competition, and shape your hero’s story in any way you want.

Roll The Dice
Dice rolls not only play a major role in combat, but also enhancing gameplay and adding a stroke of luck to every situation adventurers might find themselves in such as steal, negotiation, drinking contest and more.

Assemble A Heroic Team
The world of Adenthia has over 200 heroes with unique abilities and attributes just waiting to join the fight against the darkness gripping the land. You can also take on the bigger challenges alongside your friends and comrades in a cooperative PvE mode in which players can team up to slay the most formidable enemies and forge their glory together.

Strategic Combat
Enjoy the unique blend of chess-like strategy, different character abilities, and a stroke of luck while rolling the dice to see who fortune favors this round. While real-time combat is fast-paced emphasizing proper character placement, knowing how your characters can take advantage of different terrains is pivotal in deciding who emerges victorious.

Make Choice Shape Your Story
In the magical high fantasy open world of Adenthia, you’ll take on the mantle of the Chosen One. Acquaint yourself with companions of various origins and birthplaces, and salvage the world afflicted by chaos. Explore ancient dungeons and unravel hidden secrets. Your every choice matters in forging your own story.

Seasonal Update
Seasonal Updates not only expands the multiverse with new locations to explore, enemies to slay, and collaborated well-known characters, but also allow players to refresh their hero build, Camp, and more.

Infinite Hero Builds
The different build options mean endless possibilities to customize your party members to ensure your crew stands out. Your unique set of strengths will also play a key role in recruiting some of them to join your party.

Official Website : dragonheir.nvsgames.com
Official Discord : discord.gg/dragonheir
Official Facebook : www.facebook.com/DragonheirGame

Dragonheir Silent Gods user reviews :

Honestly, I think this is my favourite dnd type adventure games by far. There are a few things I’d change like the way you can organise your characters and maybe if there was an option to forge characters together or something if you have too many (I haven’t played it all yet so if there is that then I’ll edit). Also the fighting is actually pretty good, it’s simple and easy enough and you don’t instantly win everytime.

Lots of games released lately don’t have very interesting gameplay, but this one seems interesting. I’ve just started but being able to define your character as more of an explorer than a fighter intrigued me. There’s more to it than just the battles, exploring seems interesting as well. And there’s so far a few different battle types. I was surprised to see a tower defense mode. So far so good. Got boring pretty quickly though and the drop rates were pretty bad.

  • Hi, thank you for your comments. Our development team is always willing to listen to players’ feedback. If you encounter any problems in the game or have any suggestions, please feel free to leave us a message or contact our staff through the customer service system in the game. Have fun gaming!

i love the game. i think what really stood out is how much the audio experience is. the voiceovers are well done, the background and ambient sounds are good too and highly recommend using headphones to get the most out of it. gameplay, so far so good. the graphics are top tier too. would be nice if we can zoom on white exploring, gotta appreciate those works put into the game. I’m loving the game so far. maybe introduce more cut scenes during character interaction would make it even better.

Really smooth and appealing graphics and has a good storyline so far. I especially love the additional dnd setup/ components to the game so I’d definitely recommend if you love rpgs and fantasy adventures! Edit: I was reading the 1 star reviews and most of them reviewed before the game launched where you could create a character as a placeholder for when it came out. However, the game does require quite a bit of space, but as of now I think its totally worth it if you have a good phone.

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