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MUD Rally Racing  If you are looking for REAL mobile rally simulation, than you are in the right place. Race at 60 fps in mud, snow, dirt and asphalt in this fast-paced racing game.

Prove yourself fast in daytime and nighttime tracks, dare to speed in hostile conditions and terrain, drift along the turns and pay attention to your co-driver’s pacenotes (Or he will get mad, we can assure it!).

Drive on awesome tracks: they are all modeled around existing and famous rally tracks, feel every little road’s roughness, run on the edge of a pitfall, feel the breeze of the Alps’ snow and the heat of the Mexico sun!

Customize the driver’s name and the name of your co-pilot together with their country flags and stick them on your car’s window! Get your livery dirty while trying to nail that turn, chose among a lot of different cars, each with its handling and performance!

Chose among two different championships: J-SPEC for beginners and S-SPEC for legendary drivers! Will you get to top??

Smash the leaderboards and show the world you are the fastest rally driver around… or show to them right on track: with multiplayer mode you can challenge a friend or players from all over the world!

Get M.U.D. Rally now, join the Rally!

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MUD Rally Racing user reviews :

i’ve only played it for like half a hour and i’m terrible at it, but i like it; sometimes i get stuck on the wood fences, but the game doesn’t consider it as going off-course (and reset me) because the fences are close to the road, i haven’t noticed any manual reset button, but one would be handy for those situations. update: the more i progressed through the game, the worse have the pacenotes gotten: they are missing more turns now or give the wrong turn grade

Co-driver calls instructions late and wrong causing car to go out of bounds and the button option will only turn the car when tapped not held. The suspension physics are ok but could be better but the graphics are awful. I have a new phone but the game wont run well unless the quality is reduced. Fix the issues and it will be 5 stars from me.

Great game in fact. Good graphics and nice controls. I also love the fact that there is a co-driver giving us the nature of the next corners . Turns out i had mixed up this game for the one made by oracle games studios. But i like this one. Would definitely recommend
  • CVi Games
  • Hey Lindiwe :) no, I have no reason to scam people have you tried to set graphics on “low” in settings?

This game needs multiplayer with open world traveling from each country to another with friends,strangers and others Otherwise it’s a good game keep it up . The graphics are good . The game needs more maps . Im expecting you guys to bring a huge update with all this features. And to all the people reading this review this game is worth your time,storage and wifi

overall great game fun physics, decent graphics, but the thing that i think needs to be fixed is the random bump on the road that cause the car flying, the position of the interior camera and the follow camera thats blocking the sight of the road, the small drop gap on the side of the road that is slippery enought to make me loose control, the instructor sometimes give the wrong directions and sometimes he’s late to give the directions causing me too crash, and i think a minimap would help

Great sound effects but has some issues. The car suspension physics are not great especially compared to carx rally suspension physics the car suspension barely compresses if at all even when accelerating and jumping. The cars are very expensive and there are not many game modes

Best rally game on android… only the speedmeter and tachometer is to small and too high to see… and how about making a ghost car of previous fastest record for each track?..

Would have given 5, except for couple of things. 1, when u want to change buttons, u can’t get out of the screen and u have to quit game to get out of it, but buttons r sorted then once ur back in game tho. 2, the back button when going into other screens is obscured by the pages and takes a while to get back to main screen which is a total pain. 3, which is worst of all changing quick direction going into corners is none existent half the time, these r ur bugs now go forth and fix them

Damn this game is cool It’s more even cooler how you can costomize your Co-Driver and it’s cool how they swear if you messed up, Great Game mate, Great game.

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