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[App] Multi-Stop Route Planner

Multi-Stop Route PlannerCreates the quickest delivery routes, saving you hours each day

Maposcope multi-stop route planner (Batch Geocode) automates delivery route planning and creates fastest routes in seconds with driving direction

Route Optimization up to 500 stops

Maposcope fast route planner optimizes your delivery routes so that you end up working up to 30% faster, saving you hour a day!

A handful of useful functions for every delivery driver in our route planner:
You can Deliver up to 30% faster
PDF reports with your route planner details
Support for time window, priority and visit time
You can drag’n’drop markers on the map
Unlimited maps and daily route optimization
Send ETAs to your clients
Setup stop’s delivery time window (service time)
Easily check visit time
Route finder with driving directions between the cities of your choice
free route for delivery driver up to 10 stops
The exact GPS location will help you deliver your shipments faster
Our Route Planner creates the quickest delivery routes for your multi stop route
Realtime Traffic Updates

Maposcope will determine the order of visited stops, show you when you will reach a specific location and how long the route will take between specific stops. You can plan your start time and start location, mark the priorities of the stops so that you can deliver the package or visit the urgent points first (ASAP). You can plot a route and routing app will find fastest delivery route with estmiated arrival times. Set start location and start time, list of stops and we will find best route avoiding the disruptions on the route. Set service time, visit time and priority for each address multiple location.

The route along with the time spent at the locations can be saved in a PDF report, saved to your disk or sent to your boss or client. Calculated Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) will inform you (and your customers) of the time it takes for the products to arrive at the destination. GPS route tracking and progress monitoring with built-in reports. Our Route Planner will allow you to place multiple stops from a file (our batch geocoding superb technology), you can save addresses in Excel or csv files and upload it quickly to the map. You can easily move points around the map by simply holding down a pin and dragging it to another location. Easy plan delivery routes optimization with multiple stops.

State-of-the-art vehicle route optimization algorithm to create custom route with multiple stops

This Gps navigation for delivery vans, cars or even bikes is an excellent navigation app with easy to use GPS tracker. The app is now available as auto-renewable subscription but there is also free plan. Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your Google account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled before the end of the current period. You can cancel your renewal at any time at this Play Store page or in your Google Play app.

If you encounter any problems with the app, please email support[at]

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Multi-Stop Route Planner user reviews :

Not A Fan of Latest Update. Before the update I could choose what info I had show up. Now it automatically uploads without letting me have a say on what info I need showed. It shows bear minimum & I need more address info for my deliveries.

  • Hi Terri-Anne, Please tap Cancel, when you process geocoding data, then it will allow you to configure fields like before. If you have any questions please contact with me by support[at]

Best one I could find! Only kink is when I connect my android tablet tethered to phone – doesn’t sync. Keeps saying check connection

I work for FedEx and I have used Maposcope daily for a year and being able to use various colors for the pinpoints was perfect for my needs. Using the “show only” feature allowed me to focus on the current service I was delivering. I cannot recommend this app high enough! Everyday is a good day delivering using Maposcope! Walter

Worked great till started reversing the order and no way to change it back. Constant glitching. Will not be renewing my subscription. 2 stars because it worked short term but need reliability. No proper help either. Sink or swim

Latest version in May addresses the fine tuning need to give this app 5 stars. Couple of small things in the search could be addressed, I would like to be able to turn off the frequent stops showing up at the top but overall a great app.

Took a bit of getting used to, but having figured it out quite a handy and time saving app. Working for pharmacy, the deliveries are set out to work in logical route.

Great app for what it cost. Haven’t had any troubles what so ever. Also you don’t even have to pay for the subscription To be able to use it, the free part of the app allows you to create a route with up to 10 stops.

Easiest to use and understand, I was able to create and use within a day.

Worked well with the first file I pasted. Now when I try to copy and paste I get an error “looks like your data lacks column names.” All the data gets jammed together so the only fix I found was to go in the paste and add spaces and separate each address but with over 100 addresses on a small phone screen this is very time consuming and tedious. The website says with a license you can use on multiple devices. However, I can not find the PC version. I am subscribed. The route I was able to load successfully the first time has worked almost perfectly considering it being the first time using. As soon as the developer gets back to me on what went wrong with the copy and paste and how I can find the PC version I will be very happy to give a 5 star rating as I see the value of the app.

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