Murder by Choice – How you’re going to catch the murderer

[Game] Murder by Choice – Clue Mystery

Murder by Choice Experience a fully interactive murder mystery adventure set in the present day!

Journey through a mysterious tropical island filled with hidden objects, secrets, and MURDER!️‍  Put your detective skills to the test by hunting for clues, gathering evidences, and figuring out who’s behind the horrific crime!

The adventure begins when Carla Page, a young journalist, receives an unexpected invitation from billionaire Ruben Navarro to join his yearly private party on a tropical island. When Carla gets there, she finds herself surrounded by some of the world’s wealthiest, most influential people… and right in the path of the worst storm of the year. But being unable to escape the inclement weather will be the least of her problems as a mysterious murder occurs moments after she sets foot on shore. Carla puts on her detective’s hat and dives into solving the crime, but each new clue just raises more questions. Carla soon finds out that murder isn’t the island’s only secret.

How you’re going to catch the murderer:

Make choices that shape how the story unfolds!

Investigate crime scenes and use your detective instincts to uncover every secret and clue.

Search and find hidden objects among stunning scenes.

Solve unique mini-games and brain-twisting puzzles.

Explore the island and discover a beautiful and unique art style! ️

Search, find, and unravel every secret in a journey across a murder mystery hidden object adventure like no other! Don’t let the murderer escape!

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Murder by Choice user reviews :

Pros : interesting story so far. Nice visuals and sounds. And a variety of characters. Cons : the regen rate for energy is 7 min. Longer than murder in the alps. And the only other way to get more energy (besides collectibles and achievements) is by paying money. No ads to help with energy. So, attrocious regen and no ads fir energy refill, only payment. This is bs. Also, some actions cost 50 energy, and others 20. Other than that, if you can slog through with patience, seems like a good game.

  • Hi! We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed. Please, let us know what we could improve or what issues you encountered at so we could make the game better for everyone!

This game is a good puzzle and hidden object game -the puzzles are challenging but not impossible, the hidden object portions are great. I would really love to play this game more, and that’s the problem. I just spent 50 energy for a puzzle, went through a door for 10, and lit up a room for 20. It took maybe 5 minutes for the puzzle, so 6 minutes of play. At 7 minutes per energy, that’s 9hrs 20mins to save up for those 6 minutes of play. Unless the energy handling changes, I can’t play more.

Overall liking the game. however the way energy is quickly used up is annoying. I feel like energy shouldn’t be taken away when you find items in the hidden object sections or moving to locations of objectives. I can understand using up energy to start a hidden object or puzzle, but just trying to get to the next objective/doing an objective winds up taking away so much energy that I can’t stay immersed due to having to wait a while for it to refill.

  • Hi! We are very sorry that you were disappointed. We try to make the game equally challenging and interesting for everyone! If you want to get more energy, you can subscribe to our Facebook page: – where we hold contests and giveaways!

Excellent game, BUT you can only play for a few minutes as every response you give in a conversation costs energy, EVERY item you find an object in a hidden scene costs energy. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the game, and the story is fantastic, but I’ve spent SO much money for extra energy just so I can see what happens next! I KNOW it’s my own fault for spending the money, but who wants to wait until the next day for your energy to fill up again? I may have to uninstall to save my money!

It’s ok. I like the graphics and the story line. I do not like that the energy runs out so quickly. It uses energy for everything, including just walking to another room. Why not only use energy for the main objectives like finding items or playing the sometimes included mini game, instead of just walking from one area to another?

Loving the storyline of this game. But there’s a few things that can make it even better. The energy system is horrible at the moment, you have to wait about 6 minutes just for 1 energy point refresh. So to perform an action that’s 30 energy you have to wait 3 hours before you can do just the one action, or pay money if you want to advance. Also, watching 3 ads just for 1 hint point is a bit much. It should be 1 ad for 1 hint period. Improve on these two things for a more enjoyable experience.

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