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[Game] Lost Words – Beyond the Page

Lost WordsDiscover an atmospheric narrative adventure where you navigate 2D worlds with 3D visuals to solve a great variety of puzzles.

Harness words to alter the environment around you in an entirely unique and refreshing style of platforming.

This game will mesmerize players with its unique blend of gameplay mechanics, striking watercolor aesthetic and its unique story crafted by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett.

The multi-award winning Lost Words: Beyond the Page features two completely free chapters and you can unlock the remaining six via an in-app purchase.

Lost Words takes place in the personal diary entries belonging to a young girl named Izzy that will unfold as you explore a fantasy land where words hold immense power. Driven by the player’s curiosity, the world of Estoria and the power it holds will propel Izzy through this deeply personal narrative, resulting in a truly memorable experience. Discover the watercolor world presented in the pages of the diary as well as the vibrant fantasy world to help Izzy to become the new guardian of the fireflies and protect Estoria with the power of words!

Key features:
Multiple 2D worlds
Immersive Storytelling
Beautiful visual style
Innovative gameplay
Meaningful Exploration

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Lost Words user reviews :

This is a beautifully done game, for the first half I loved it. The game play is different, it’s more puzzle like than fast paced. But towards the end it became a bit confused and slow for me, it was unclear where it was going and the game play seemed to disappear. Trigger warning for anyone who has lost a grandparent recently too! I’d recommend it, and hope there are more

One of the best games out there. Simple, with beautiful graphics and a cute story. I don’t remember the last time a mobile game made me cry or the last time I wanted to buy the game after the first few chapters to see what will happen. So good job for that! There aren’t many games out there like this anymore and I think we need more. Yes, it’s an easy one, story-following type of game with some glitches and things that would need improvement but overall amazing! Can’t wait to see more from you!

A true rare gem. Tells a touching story about the beauty and significance of matrilineal bonds and explores bittersweet themes of grief with compassion and hope. The music is catchy yet soothing. The graphics are a delight; like storybooks of old. Let the core message into your heart while playing, and you’re bound to have a genuine, unforgettable experience! There is also replay value to be able to unlock the ‘true’ ending, because some collectibles are easily missed on the first playthrough.

The storytelling, visuals, everything in this game is wonderful. Wonderful feels like an understatement, there’s no words to describe how beautiful and amazing this game is. I enjoyed each moment of it and at some parts, I could relate to it and it caused me to tear up a bit. I highly recommend this game. Yes, you may have to pay to unlock the full game, but I can assure you it’s worth every penny. To the developers, you did an outstanding job with this game.

If I could I would give 100 stars. Every single bit of detail is just lovely, nice and relateble. First game I played by purchasing and the best one I everything played this is more than a game more like a set book of life lessons and when the last part came I just got a Great lesson!! That is enjoy! Enjoy everything enjoy every single moment of your life enjoy every person every animal every toy every food and keep them in your memories because that is what you will have with you forever

Very different from any other game I’ve played. In a good way. A little slow at some points, but what would be the point of it being a “story” adventure if you could just skip through parts of the story. Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to more in the future.

Lit up brightly cobalt set against a crimson field of swimming other colours…story that draws you in while you relax to every step of the journey in a game I can tell was built with dedication, detail, creativity, and time spent on getting it all right. It’s truly mesmerizing and well worth every penny for the full experience.. bravo to the developers and creative geniuses who put this work of art together…

(I only played the demo)The game is amazing but I accidentally deleted my original review. The art style is amazing with the amount of color their is and this is 1 of the only games I have rated a 5 if you could rate it up to 10 then I would put it at a 10

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