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My CalendarKeep your time management simple with “My Calendar”!

A free organizer and time planner for all your activities: family, work, studies, holidays and important dates. This is a great stand alone calendar app!

This app doesn’t require integration of other calendar accounts. You can use the app without a Google Calendar account or some calendar service accounts. You can use this app right now! It’s good for you as a second calendar app.

What makes “My Calendar” app helpful:
Font size adjustment (10 sizes)
25 Colors coding for a time block
Setting your favorite wallpaper

Lots of theme colors (21 colors)
Note taking
URLs and maps
Passcode lock for privacy protection
Delete Ads (In-app purchase)

Our to do calendar is so easy-to-use that it’s sure to become your favorite daily routine planner.

Our easy schedule planner can be used as a:
work schedule to keep you productive
appointment diary for business events
study planner for school and university
chore checklist for home stuff
holiday calendar to celebrate important dates
family organizer to spend time with loved ones

Never miss a thing with a to do reminder
With our hourly planner you will not only see your daily routine but you’ll be also reminded of any events ahead. Nothing will slip from your task calendar thus from you.

It takes one tap to open a daily planner, choose time and schedule a new event or task for any day. If necessary you can also keep notes and set an alarm or appointment reminder in order not to miss anything written in your personal or business calendar.

This app is also an easy to do list app. All activities are accurately organized in your timetable with color coding. No matter what view mode you choose – day or week planner – it’ll take no effort to understand when to work, study, etc.

Make the most of your day with a simple agenda planner! Never miss a single meeting with our business calendar. Go for a daily checklist to see what’s about to happen and be on time. Look through the shared family calendar and make plans with your relatives. Help your kids make a school planner so that they stay productive while learning.

Schedule ahead using a monthly planner or yearly planner. Add a task reminder to ensure none of your things to do will be forgotten. Visual time blocking will help differentiate your activities at one glance.

Team up with your colleagues! Create a work planner, get all tasks and appointments organized. You can even keep a monthly calendar and add events for many days ahead.

Get everything done with a simple task calendar! Organize your life in seconds and complete your daily to do list successfully with our time planner app!

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My Calendar user reviews :

Really great app! I’ve never stuck to a calendar as much as I have to this one, I’ve been using it for almost a year now and I really love how you can pick your own colours and background so it’s pretty as well as very practical. The only problem I’ve ever had with it is when naming what each colour represents, you can only see 4 letters of the name so you either have to remember what each colour represents or try to rename it to see the whole word/s which makes it a bit annoying.

I honestly adore this app. I have used it long yet, but its design and everything just scratches that itch I had with calendar apps. setting up dates is easy, birthdays too and everything is customizable. I have been using the free version and it has everything you need. I will probably get the pro version to support the Devs and to add some customization options that I adore. The only reason I have removed one star is because I believe there is always room for improvement.

This app is a great planner. I have OCD so I like everything to be organised. it’s even better with colour when I have multiple plans one day as I can put them in rainbow order. this app is just great in general because it has so many options for your event so you have all the details organised. I absolutely love it and have only been using it for some time and have lots of great things to say about it. 10/10 for me so far, definitely recommend.

It is nice that the Nov 14 2023 update has click-on-the-calendar instead of swipe forever, when editing date on previously entered event. Hope following three items can be taken care of: 1) Notification: why 2 days before is same as 1 day before? 2) Might wanna check 3-days-before notification as well. Not really 3 days before. 3) Would be nice if there is a “go to” function, so don’t have to swipe forever to get there.

really great app, but for some reason the notifications do not work for me at all no matter what I do, even after the fix. It is updated to the latest version, and i’d really appreciate a fix on this as I need to be reminded of certain things. otherwise, everything else about this app is great, if the notifications/reminders worked, it’d def be a 5/5.

This app was exactly what I needed, and so easy to use! I love the ability to color coordinate. I would definitely recommend this if you are just looking for a basic calender that has everything you’d need

nice app for what it designed to do I have some recommendations I need one day tasks view widget I need direct syncing with Google calendar or Microsoft calendar or just to import my calendar from this apps also there is a bug when I activate virtical scrolling the tasks disappear from the internal view of the app but still viewable in widget great work and continue to improve

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