My Cat Club – Make the perfect cozy home for your cats

[Game] My Cat Club – Collect Kittens

My Cat ClubCollect adorable cats and take cute photos of them in this relaxing cat collection game.

Decorate your apartment in your favorite style to make the perfect cozy home for your cats, then take pictures to share on the in-game social media page and watch your follower count rise!

A simple game that is perfect for relaxing – start your own cat club now!

Use the easy in-game camera to take cute snaps.
Collect different furniture pieces to decorate your home.
Express your cats’ personalities in photos with fun and wacky stickers.
Take part in photo competitions to win prizes.
Help your neighbors with photo tasks and become their friend.

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My Cat Club user reviews :

Not the best game but it has great potential! I pre-registered the game and downloaded it as soon as I found out it was released. Gameplay is simple, cute, and relaxing. But like others, I wish you could have more spaces for cats. Having to buy more spaces is difficult as photo series do not pay many coins. Constantly rehoming cats is also not very fun. Other than that, I truly enjoy this game and can’t wait for future updates. This game could really be something beautiful.

I love the graphics. The cats are cute, and the game is entertaining, but it gets boring really fast. All you do is breed the cats and take pictures. I wish there were other entertaining things to be able to collect coins and diamonds like mini games or something. And 2 minutes after I started playing the game it started glitching, and i had to close it and start it again.

Completely pay to play. I already got stuck at chapter 3 simply because I dont have high level furniture and cats. You either have to wait hours to watch ads that give you random furniture or you have to pay. Very disappointing. Besides that, the game is unique and adorable. The graphics are beautiful. Wish it wasn’t pay to play though.

  • Hello! Here are some tips to help: Levelling up furniture is the best way to get through a tricky level. By replaying old levels to earn furniture parts, you can level up your furniture. Participating in live events will help you earn furniture also. If it’s a #domestic cat you need, make sure to check and claim the daily rewards. Hope this helps.

I waited patiently for this app to come out after I pre-registered for it but man was it a letdown. The graphics are adorable, I’ll give you that. But I played for less than an hour and almost immediately ran into a dull moment where I felt like I couldn’t do anything. I went from getting gold checks on everything to shooting straight down to silver in the manner of minutes :/ seems like you might need to spend money to make any decent progress. Bummer. Cause I was looking forward to this game.

Game freezes less than five minutes in when it’s teaching me to place furniture in scenes. It just won’t let me click anything, forcing me to close the game and re-open and be brought back to the same screen which cannot be clicked. Please fix this! I would really like to play the game!

  • Oh no, we apologize for any trouble caused! Could you please get in touch with us at support[at] We’re keen on investigating this further and value your feedback. Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts with us!

I think this game is really awesome. I really enjoy it, but one thing is that the breeding takes way to long. 4 hours is way to much time, even rival stars doesn’t take that long for the mares to foal. One thing that I really like is that is that it’s a lot less expensive than rival stars, and you can get more gems by watching adds. I’ve only been playing for a little while so I’ll update if there is more.

Cool game, I like it. It’s just very hard to progress. Getting the right furniture for the missions and leveling them up is nearly impossible, so you fail almost all photos. I just got the game and am already stuck.

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We hope these tips help: Levelling up furniture is the best way to get through a tricky level. By replaying old levels to earn furniture parts, you can level up your furniture. Participating in live events will help you earn furniture also. If it’s a Domestic cat you need, be sure to claim the free daily rewards.

Extremely cute game I definitely recommend for people who are into these types of games but there not really my type, its extremely cute and fun as more of a relaxing type game only issues are the lags and some pf the small details but everything else is fine, the artwork is my favorite part though 4.5/5

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