My Cat Tower – Dozens of cute cats are waiting for you

[Game] My Cat Tower – Idle Tycoon

My Cat TowerHave you ever seen cats making desserts?

You can experience them now, in our idle tycoon game!

Dozens of cute cats are waiting for you.
Invest gold in business to increase the profit!
Collect cats that’ll help increase your profit!
Automate the business and earn gold AFK!

Tap cats to collect hearts!

You can exchange hearts to fish, which kitties love.

Recruit various cats to your dessert business, and expand to many other cities!

My Cat Tower user reviews :

Very fun! I think the game would be a bit better if it was one infinitely tall tower instead of the smaller ones for every level. Could be more fun to have it that way, but that’s just my opinion. Also, the balloons floating across the screen are a bit annoying and far too frequent. Still, great game, cute cats!

Cute game! Adds are completely optional but very helpful, the cats are adorable, and I can keep playing it for a while! There was a problem where on the coffee production area, all of a sudden the coffee produced would read -40,301, but the problem resolved on its own when I automated it. Really cute game, but I’m knocking off a star for that small issue.

The art is so cute on this app, and I really wanted to like it. But past a certain point, it’s much too difficult to get the cards you need to level the manager up. It makes it nearly unplayable and frustrating, as I don’t want to spend hours babying the production process to move forward and I don’t want to spend money either. If there was a way to get the cards without spending a bunch of money, like with ads, this app would be a lot more fun to play. Also, the events are really hard.

Getting cats and leveling them up is really hard. I often found myself unable to get the automation going for multiple sections because my cats were too low level and I both did not have enough fish and I was not getting the cat pieces I needed to level them up. Overall, a nice game to play but hopefully automation cat pieces get easier to obtain.

I really enjoyed this game: graphics are good, gameplay too, and it’s very cute. You can progress fast, and offline options are well made. However, like all other simulation games using automation managers, it’s impossible to progress past a certain point without buying gems to unlock cards required to level up managers. You get many useless cards for other characters but not the ones you need to progress!

This game is very cute and a very addicting tycoon-style game! However I find myself very often stuck on goals that are impossible to beat. At the moment, I have a goal to “obtain cats”, to do that I have to beat goals, and my only other goal is to “hire automation cats” which I can only do…by obtaining cats… so I’m kind of just stuck for a while? I wish that would change. But other than that, pretty good

It’s alright to pass the time but really hard to progress rather quickly. It looked as if the tower was endless in ads for this game but you have levels where you restart progress and it gets harder to upgrade every time. You can automate the game but you need to upgrade the cats too which you can be unlucky with. You’ll spam at least 200 ads before you really get anywhere or pay your way. Cute but not as exciting or idle as you think it is.

So many ads just to be able to progress well in the game, adless option is so expensive too. Rates are never given so its not like I can assess whats a good choice to spend game currency on. I’ve sent 3 bug reports the past week and this week and none have been acknowledged, making me feel as if the issue is not worked towards. Its okay as a casual game, but watching through so many ads have become so cumbersome, but hey, the art is great, I guess.

I really like this app! Is very adorable and great to play it (because it’s offline). I can give this 5 star easily but the problem is that the instructions is not clear enough, i mean i can understand it good however there’s some things that aren’t in the instructions so is kinda confusing but overall is pretty amazing!

Pretty fun, simple, doesn’t require much energy. I usually listen to something in the background while playing this and I’m able to focus and listen to the video while playing it so thats really nice. It’s also pretty cute!

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