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[Game] Fashion Cup – Dress up

Fashion CupDo you love dress up and fashion games?

Dress up your star girl, choose your own story and covet other girls with your makeup & hair choices.

A Hollywood girl meets world class designs as she is on a fashion project fit for a lady, it girl, superstar, music diva, movie star or a runway top model!

Dress up your star doll with chic clothing, designer shoes, and gorgeous jewelry. Go shopping and choose a vogue style from the runway, a fancy haute boutique look, or a casual and chic outfit for city girl life dressup. It’s a fashion game, a mall world, a stardom and a shopaholic’s paradise you’ll like a lot after Fashland!

This is a dress up game and a make up game in the world of fame where winning cups will take your fame class higher! Reach the A-Class to be a diva! Lead a superstar life and write your own Hollywood story!

Get ready for a fabulous one-to-one fashion challenge at the Fashion Arena! Who’s better, you or her? Your closet, career and experience will draw your opponent away!

The best styles are in the surprise chests! Follow seasonal chests for one-time only stuff fit for a star girl! All by popular fashion designers!

A new fashion event every day! Style your best look, and submit it to daily events to be voted globally! Get the highest star rating to win exclusive rewards!

Who looks better in this stardom and dressup game? Ladies prefer popular celebrity styles. They compete for high rating and they need your vote!

The Shopping Street is bustling! It’s a makeup game with accessories and hair for ultimate glamour. Tons of fashion design boutiques have makeover options for every lady popular or even sorority life on campus.

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Fashion Cup user reviews :

After the latest update, the game does not give the cash earned from watching ads. It’s not updating the progress of the task when you do them. When it says like 2 days for a tournament to end, it’s actually longer. I signed out of the game and signed back in after it says an error has occurred, and it took cash and diamonds and also didn’t update the progress of a task that I already completed. Nice game, but it needs work.

Hi I actually really enjoyed this game and I loved it but there is a problem with it when I get more than 4 ratings in events I don’t get ribbons. I actually really don’t like this thing because I will not be able to complete my fashion missions

I love this, but the sudden showing of advertisements is causing the app to crash. Hopefully, it will be resolved so that I don’t have to uninstall it because I’m already at Level 93.

Awesome game!!! I really wish there were more shops tho. I’m in lvl 92 and I’ve unlocked almost all stores and bought most of the clothes so I really wish u guys could add more stores to make the game more interesting

Love the game but the challenges seems too long to wait for hours for the result…add more selection of clothes and shoes and everything…would love to see em with a partner and maybe a customize rooms…and some winners from the voting don’t seem to fit the theme, hard to vote when the one who has the right theme have lower score since she doesn’t have much accessories…but the one with high score don’t follow the theme but has alot of accessories… what’s the point having themes anyway?

It’s a fun game and i love how i can be creative in different events in styling but the only problem is that the seasonal chest is been doing (the next chest is coming soon) and i noticed other players having the seasonal chest but not me, hoping to fix that problem.

this is a fantastic game, but there are a number of small issues with the game. 1. i cannot see the full screen on my phone, the end right part, not a big part, a small one, is just missing meaning i cant see my energy points and some exit buttons. 2. when it comes to the actual voting competition its a player fault not a game fault but most people just vote for the outfit with the highest level items and not the best outfit and it kinda sucks especially with the “popular look” giving you more

1. Looking from the vote results from almost all the events, it seems like having wings and a pet animal guarantees you a vote. This is making the game meaningless since player doesn’t need to dress according to the theme! additionally, this is placing other players who don’t have wings or animals at great disadvantage. 2. Almost all the items I recieved from opening mystery boxes are notes. If you are going to make that happen almost every time, then I’d rather you don’t give opening mystery boxes as one of the rewards from winning the duel. This is getting frustrating. GIVE ME THE ITEMS FROM THE BOXES, NOT NOTES. 3. It’s 2018 already, and as a Player who played FashionLand before back in 2010s, some of the items that appeared that are still in this app. Please design more trendy clothings!

It’s a fun game but exceedingly hard to score well. I find it interesting that when I go to score the looks of others it only counts if I pick the “right” one…. But why isn’t the one I like more the “right one”? Why do I only get rewarded for picking the same one as everyone else? It’s confusing and not explained. I do notice that the ones who win seem to have expensive (read: worth real world currency) outfits on. Maybe that’s the trick to winning?

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