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[Game] My City After School

My City After School

In My City the fun starts After School! So call your school friends and invite your neighbors to meet at the park because the fun is about to start. Skating, Reading, Karate Class, RC boat sailing, Graffiti spraying and even shopping.

There are tons of things to do and places to explore. Come and meet all the new characters, Explore all the fun locations and have fun creating your own stories.

Explore After School Hobbies, Playtime and Fun:
After school is the best time to do all the things you really love, My City has just the right activities and locations for you to explore and enjoy. Make sure to visit the city library, Skateboard Park, Pizza Shop and the Karate class. You can relax in the park, visit your karate teachers house and even get creative doing some graffiti.

Create your own story:

You choose what your afternoon will look like. My City : After School has 6 locations such as the pond, skateboard park, library and the karate dojo. You will discover lots of new clothing, animals and exciting new characters to play with. Because My City games all connect and allow you to move characters and clothing between the games there are no limitation on what you can imagine, create and play.

Game Features

6 locations to explore: Library, Karate Class, The Fountain Park, Pizza store, The pond, and a skateboarding area.
20 characters you can dress and customize on your after school adventure
Day night feature looks awesome, check out the fountain when the sun is gone.
All My City games connect to each other, Easily Move characters and items between games.
Daily gifts and furniture to upgrade your home and wardrobe.
Multi-touch so kids can play together with friends and family on the same screen.
No Ads, Kids Safe.

Age group 4-12:
Easy enough for 4 year olds to play and super exciting for 12 year to enjoy.

My City After School user reviews :

This game is awesome and I don’t mind the ads BUT, there’s always a but, could you make the rest free? It’s really annoying that some of us especially kids can’t use these games because of money. I really hope you consider it because it’s torture.

The pizza baking has a problem It always comes out the way it was when you put it in the oven and you can’t even cut it so I don’t see the point in making it, and the get for free doesn’t work I keep on clicking buh it doesn’t do nothing

I like it but they should have all the place to play unlock and free and you don’t have to buy another game to play cuz whane you want to get rid of the game you buy and toy would still not get that money back so if they did that the game while be way batter

Used to like the game, but SERIOUSLY ANNOYED now!! I paid for this game & the most recent update just added a whole bunch of adds and locked features trying to get me to basically pay for the game a second time. It’s ridiculous!

I like this game but they have added ads and locked people and I have payed so it is super ridiculous they should remove the locked people and no ads

Thanks alot I always wanted to play this game and many more. Like I said in my last My City review, I promised to download more of My City games as long as they are free , you might have users cos majority are kids and we can’t pay for the games

This game is very nice but everytime I put my pizza dough with all the ingredients in the oven and bake it, it just comes out the same way.

Look if i put the game it will show the game name but it will show still dark and it will kick me out of the game and before my city home was working and now it is not workinggg I looked forward to play my city after school and pj party since when i was little. I am huge fan of my city so pls do something about it do it for your fan

I wanted to play all the games yo have made but i can’t as I’m not able to pay for all of them, so please make all the games free of cost otherwise I’m happyy because you have made my city pj party free I’m thankful to you

I love that you  made your games free because I have always love your games but I could not afford It please make all your games free good job

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