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My Dream Garden Your dream garden is only a few taps away!

Revive barren backyards, replace garish garden sets, and replant flattened flower beds. Design your garden any way you wish in this peaceful and relaxing match 3 home & garden makeover game.


Get in touch with your inner garden designer
With endless design combinations to mix and match, My Dream Garden lets you design the garden of your dreams right from the palm of your hand!

Relax with calming match 3 puzzle games
Enjoy simple but fun and original match 3 puzzle games designed to be fair and enjoyable for players of all skill levels – from kids to adults and everyone in between!

Discover amazing gardening ideas for your own home garden
Our skilled garden makeover designers have worked hard to bring you beautiful gardens for any trend: peaceful, rustic, modern, spacious, small, you name it. Whatever your garden style, you’ll find a great idea or two in the designs of My Dream Garden!

Help unique clients with unique needs build their unique garden
As a garden design and makeover expert, various characters will depend on your help to rebuild and restore their gardens. Consider the unique needs of your clients and help them design their one of a kind dream garden!

Sit down and relax with simple and fun match 3 puzzle games, try your hand at various design styles, and discover beautiful gardening ideas for your own home garden. Choose from endless design combinations to create your ideal garden retreat!

There’s nothing that can replace the calming feeling of tending to your own garden – the dirt under your nails, the sun on your forehead, and the smell of fresh-cut grass in the air. But in these cold winter months, being able to get your gardening fix from the comfort of your warm and cozy living room can be a dream come true.
Dream big and discover your inner designer in My Dream Garden today!

Note: My Dream Garden is currently in development. The team is constantly improving the game and adding new features based on your feedback.

App Permissions
Optional Permissions
required storage access permission to save game data

Permission setting and withdrawal method
Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access
Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting an application

My Dream Garden user reviews :

Great game. Too many crashes. You can watch ads to get bonus coins or extra moves, but when you do, you have a 50/50 shot that the game will crash. Otherwise, I love this game. Very addicting. One of my favorites! Hopefully they fix the crash issue because it’s getting to the frustration point of quitting.

I got to level 13 and couldn’t take it… I would have loved to keep going but it kept not recognizing that I was touching the screen when I clearly was. On some instances I could even hear the sound it makes when I tap to start a level but it does absolutely nothing. After completing a level I would have to touch the button/screen/anything/anywhere 10 or 15 times before it would go back to the garden screen then it would take another 10 taps on that button to start a new level… /uninstall

I see alot if reviews about ads and crashing , they must have fixed it because i find this the best game of its kind and ive played similar ones. I am on my third garden and have had no issues and very little ads. Im notnsure if its because i got the ‘starter pack’ ( maybe that removes ads?? Im not sure. ) They also have a an extra feature of having your ‘ own garden ‘ where u collect points while working on the gardens you were ‘hired’ to work on. Definately impressed.

Seems challenging but not ridiculously impossible so far. It is not begging me for $ to play, however I only started playing 20 minutes ago lol so.. I already finished Zoey’s garden & met Andy so we will see? I play a game a week or 300 levels then I think they are $ hungry, interesting & worth my time, or flat silly.. I am interested in 20 minutes, I gve a 4 STAR atp, BTW I have never seen a puzzle game give a plus 30% coin prize for watching ads:) Brilliant

So far, I am only on level 4, but I really like the game. I love the flower aspect of the puzzles and the very different way that it features the special moves (rain drops, etc). My only complaint is that the puzzle boxes and flowers for the levels are a bit too small for sight. It is hard to focus on the game and move the flower pieces if everything is so small. I see a lot of background during a level that could be utilized as an increased box with bigger flowers. I hope that this gets fixed..

  • Thank you very much for your feedback! When we designed the game, we looked at other puzzle games as a basis for the layout and design. However, if there are other players who feel like the board is too small, we will definitely have a look to see what we can do! Thank you for enjoying My Dream Garden, and please look forward to the new content!

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