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[Game] My Farm – Family Farm Township

My Farm  My Farm combines a farm and a supermarket, with a unique gameplay.

In the game, you will plant various special crops, breed various animals, harvest crops and objects, process them in the factory, and then put the goods in your own supermarket for sale, truly achieving a new and self-sufficient gameplay. Continue to develop your farm, earn more profits, and build a unique town. You can design the environment of the town yourself, open cafes, ramen shops and other shops, and build apartments and high-end villa areas to turn your town into a metropolis!
Are you ready to build your dream? let us start!

Features of My Farm:

You can use unique buildings and decorations to create a unique dream town
You can grow all kinds of crops and process them in the factory
You will receive orders from interesting and charming town residents
You can put the processed crops, fruits, clothes and other products in your supermarket for sale
Upgrading your supermarket will bring more customers and higher profits
You can decorate your town with famous landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and more!

My Farm user reviews :

Have to change my review.Yes it’s a great game. this is a game we’re you got to play almost all day to keep up .yet it is hard to keep store stocked and to get items to level store up is just out of reach it will take for ever to expand store and land.for this I have to unstall game. good luck to all the players that play.

It’s a fun a different game, the issues I have are, the factories cost was to much(I think 45,000 coins is to much to pay for a factory), it’s hard to earn cash, and the barn fills up fast and the upgrades are hard to get and it takes to many items to upgrade.

I started today and I super super love it so far(pls not be like township) please no clan or group,or anything just pure farm and supermarket.hope be considerate for the building materials too. Its my dream game.thank u there’s option to play online and offline. Pls more decorations esp flowers

you should improve your game more updates. he should be able to medium the objects in the game. pwedi sana e zoom because the object is not very clear, especially the corn, apple, wheat, etc. plants. please improve your app

I like the graphics of this game. It looks like a sims farm game, i loved harvesting and selling goods. Thank u

I was loving this game , but now it won’t load! and if I delete it and reinstall I will loose all my progress, as there is no way to link my game to Google play to protect it.

So far great game, please add more decorations like ferris wheel, ponds more animals and decorations for the town

Love the game got as far as level 23 then it just refused to load so i thought if I uninstall it and re install it if would be OK but took me right back to the start

Nice addiction with great adventure. Needs market for buying required items.

very nice game . but why I can’t log in with Google account to protect my farm from lose . second thing where as my preregister gift

love the game but there is no save option there should be a facebook login on the game

Fun game great graphics and alot to it

It a very fun game lots to do it be nice if we could chat to friends in this game

Was enjoying this game but since update yesterday it will only load yo 49% then stops

Really enjoyable, like Township but BETTER, give it a try,

Not my cuppa tea. OK game though if you like these types of games.

Just started playing but seems great so far!

I only started playing this game last night and I don’t want to put it down.

I want my supermarket cashier ro unblock the cashier.please!!
  • JoyMore Inc
  • Hello, if the cashier’s position is blocked by walls or other objects after you move the checkstant, the cashier will disappear and you will be prompted that you cannot receive cash. Please move the checkstant to another vacant seat, and the cashier will reappear. If you have any other questions, you can contact us by email, Wish you a happy time!

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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