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Krew Eats  Welcome to the Official KREW Mobile Game! Join Rainbow, Gold, Lunar, & Draco for an epic eating adventure . Play as KREW, collect super cute pets, and see how far you can EAT!

NEW EVENT – LUNAR NEW YEAR! | Exclusive food, items, & bosses!
YOU & KREW!  Play as Rainbow, Lunar, Funneh, Gold, & Draco! Who’ll eat best?
OM NOM NOM  Can you and KREW eat ALL the foods at ALL the spots?
SOOO CUTE  Collect 25+ PETS to help you eat even more!
LOOKIN’ GOOD  Unlock your style! Mix and match outfits and look good eating.

Join KREW and play KREW EATS NOW !
Hurry, Draco’s getting hungry…

Find KREW on YouTube: ItsFunneh, PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare, Lunar Eclispe, DraconiteDragon.

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Krew Eats user reviews :

I love this game!!! I bet when they made this they were like “OK, what describes us?” And then someone (draco?) said “FOOD”. And everyone was like “yah”. Anyways I like how you can upgrade your BP (bite power) and how it shows you how much you’ve eaten and need to eat. You can get boosts if you’re stuck! I don’t like that after you get to Birthday, you reset. And then when you get to Ice Cream Parlour you reset, and so on. It makes the game harder. Also, I have to enter the app twice to play.

The game is amazing and so addicting I just wish there was like a daily reward like you get diamonds when you log in but also I wish the clothes weren’t so expensive but other then that the game is so fun!!!!

Ah yes, First of all im not biased this game is actually amazing. Cute characters,Cute pets, Cute Clothes. It has amazing stories. My fingers hurt while playing this game but, its still worth it.

It really fun even if you go back in time and the pets are soo cute! And i like how the krew can wear clothes and hats and i like how the krew got drawn its really good, i like how the krew made it too.

I like it. But there’s a few bugs, like sometimes when I go in the shop it doesn’t let me back out , but overall it’s a good game

It is very fun and it is for kids so i was going to say 100 stars i like it very very much and can you um fix the lag i don’t like the lag and when i press it it shows a black screen only can you fix it and check

So I would rate it a 5 star IF the ads load. Whenever I try a power up it says “As not available” same with the gifts.

Amazing I love the game it’s fun there’s pets new events some time it’s fun tapping game where you get to eat and it’s not repetitive

THIS is amazing! I’ve been following the Creator ( ItsFunneh ) for very long. I knew everything they do was amazing, and I was right! The characters are adorable and very cute! You get to the high level very fast. It’s really Enjoyable and fun. Very cute animation, and not much ads, Well for me ;-; I insit you download this game when bored ^w^. Keep up the good work Funneh!

Ok, I know we all love this game but I have to complain abot this. I have found another bug. Last week I couldn’t collect the event items it didn’t work. This week, 500 of my gems are gone and all the most of the accesories I love have to be bought again or it’s gone from existance. The outfit’s on my Krew I worked so hard on is gone. And because if my gems, I can’t get it back. Krew please fix this. I’m crying on the inside.

The game is epic and really good! Although, why do i always experience this? )What i experience: In The Lunar New Year Event, i only have 3. Then when i want to enter the event, i watch an ad but it doesn’t continue. It just slaps me.) Very good though. Good job KREW and BB Interactive! 5stars for reviews. Very exciting, very fun. But for starters, when you reach Birthday Party Map, you startover, but not to spoil anything ok? :DD Happy Valentines Day and Miss The Lunar New Year Event!

THIS IS AWESOME! Its so cool 1st it features all the Krew members and it also features something they love to do.. EAT also you can coustimze the character you want the only thing I dont like is that its a clicker game but it matches the game so its fine I also like how it features Pets and a bunch of cool places I definitely don’t regret getting this game but something weird was that when I first joined the game it took the game off My friend had the same little thing but still I love the game

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