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My Home PlanetAn awesome fun and creative strategy RPG game for you! Explore the new world, defeat monsters, and build your own planet in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer. Download now and make your home planet great again!

You came, you saw, and you conquered. In My Home Planet: Idle Explorer, your home planet is facing unprecedented difficulties. And you, as a prince, the savior of the entire planet, have to take a spaceship to explore other planets.

Now grab your axe, pickaxe, and sword, and let your adventure in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer begin!

Explore the Unknown
With dozens of different planets to discover in My Home Planet, all with their own unique environments and resources to collect, you’ll never run out of things to do in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer. From lush, forested worlds to desolate, icy wastelands, there’s always something new to explore.

Build My Little Universe
Use your resources and strategy wisely to construct new planets in My Home Planet. Mining, logging, smelting, construction, and even building up an army to protect your empire.

Fight to Survive
With a wide variety of deadly monsters and beasts to face, combat in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer is always a thrilling experience. Upgrade your weapons and armor to take on tougher foes, plan your attacks carefully for victory, and enjoy the art of war!

Be the Hero, Be the Legend
An ancient holy sword is waiting for you to inherit it. Follow your heart, fight your way across a vast array of planets, and gain the almighty power. Unique and great, seize this opportunity to be the strategy legend of My Home Planet: Idle Explorer!

Key Features
Free to play. Fully enjoy the pleasure of building my little universe!
Multiple planets and beautiful environments in My Home Planet.
Stunning 2D/3D graphics and captivating animations.
Powerful tools. With your trusty axe, pickaxe, and sword, make your home planet great again!
Simple rules and gameplay. So fun and addictive to My Home Planet: Idle Explorer!
Joy of exploring the unknown. Explore amidst uncertainty and spark your curiosity.
Relax with the great strategy RPG game, anywhere, anytime!

How to play
Mine, craft, and gather various resources in My Home Planet
Level up and make tools and weapons more powerful, feel the art of war
Explore more planets and build my little universe

With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, My Home Planet is a good choice for anyone who loves RPG games and idle games.

Explore the universe, conquer new planets, and become the space tycoon in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer! Download now and make your home planet great again!

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My Home Planet user reviews :

This is a great game, nice artstyle & sound design, planet 1-3 very enjoyable, flows well. After that the coins needed to upgrade your tools/armour is too high, even with the paid vip map rewards, without spending more money. The enemies are too strong, and need for new tool too often. The only way to earn coins is by bounter hunter booster, with only gives 1 coin per enemy, so would take hours to get enough for an upgrade with that. I am just logging in daily to build up coins currently

  • Hello, we are sorry for such inconvenience. We will forward your comment to our team. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to reach us at myhome[at] As a startup, we are happy to receive more feedback about this new game. :-) – Ember

I really love this game! its your standard resource collect game to advance or upgrade your tools, but this one has a nice little story and cute art style. i really miss that in others games of tis type. so far its really fun and relaxing and the things you need to advance or upgrade are to me ad a reasonable amount. there are ads but not bothering with the gameplay. i purchase the ad free bundle and couldn’t be happier. definitely recommend this game!

  • Hi, we really appreciate your kind words! If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to reach us at myhome[at] We will continue to optimize our app to deliver a better game experience. Thanks a lot for your support! :-) – Olivia

I enjoy the gameplay so far but my main issue is you lag so much especially when enemies spawn so you cant attack them back when they start to attack you and you end up dying multiple times sometimes to the same enemy due to lagging or just simply not being able to hit back. On the 2nd planet it’s almost impossible to upgrade weapons without ads/payments because you need ‘coins’ I guess is the best description and the piles dont respawn at all after most recent update.

  • Hi, we’re so sorry for such inconvenience. We will forward your feedback to our product team and continue to optimize our game to deliver a better and better gaming experience. Please feel free to reach us at myhome[at] with any other suggestions or feedback. Thanks a lot! :-) – Olivia

I’m enjoying the game. However I’ve encounters an issue with the boosters and I only ever get the first booster. It never starts building up to the second or third one. Any ideas? Update: Thank you so much for fixing my issue so quickly. I have boosters once again!

  • Hello, we are glad you can do that again. Enjoy your game! Hope our continued efforts can win you a 5-star! If you encounter other problems, feel free to reach us at myhome[at]! Thanks for your support. :-) – Ember

Network keeps timing out. It’s not letting me connect on my first play. I’m not sure what to expect, but it’s already got Network problems. At first I thought maybe my Bluetooth was blocking it from starting. After turning off Bluetooth, it still doesn’t work. I don’t think I will miss it. Not if it’s got Network issues

  • Hi, thanks for adding rating stars. We really value your feedback and hope you reach out if you think of anywhere we can improve! You can reach us at myhome[at] Thanks again! :-) – Ember

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