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Go Go MagnetReady to dive into the sea of excitement, treasure, and epic battles? Prepare to merge into the craziest adventure as you navigate through mysterious islands, pop bubbles of treasure, and build the ultimate crew! Join your friends and play together!

Cast your magnetic hook into the depths of the sea to fish for gold, coins, and all sorts of treasures! But wait, there’s more! Collect maps, bubble up your strategies, and unleash magic to unlock quests and hidden fortunes!

Visit vibrant islands, uncover mysteries, and challenge rulers in thrilling battles to advance to the next chapter of your epic journey! It’s not just about sailing; it’s about conquering the seas!”

Want more action? Attack other players’ ships, engage in legendary battles, and steal their gold to become the richest pirate! Hide your bounty on your island, and claw your way to victory!

Personalize your crew with countless unique characters! Create the most stylish and powerful vessels the seas have ever seen, and hoard even more treasure!”

Join exciting events, embark on side quests, and gather specific items to be the top-notch adventurer of Go Go Magnet! Collect coins, build your fortune, and show off your mastery of the art of fishing and exploration!”

Form clubs and rally your crew! Strategize together, and engage in card trading to strengthen your fleet and dominate the game!

Ever dreamed of ruling the oceans? The time is now! Unleash your inner explorer and sail through this captivating adventure! Remember, the seas belong to the daring, the bold, and the magnetic!

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Set sail, gather your crew, and magnetize your adventure with Go Go Magnet!

Go Go Magnet user reviews :

The game is a lot of fun. Original and engaging with lots of challenges. However one glaring issue is the energy. Having it stay at 60 doesn’t seem right. It should increase every time you level up like most games. The recover rate is VERY slow. Its like 6 an hour?. It definitely needs to be looked into as I can see it being a huge reason people will drop the game. Also please add a “don’t see this again” option to the pop ups. Every time I open the game I get bombarded by like 10 of them.

  • Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback! We hear your concerns about the energy system and the frequency of pop-ups. Rest assured, we’ll communicate your feedback to our development team. In the meantime, keep an eye on our socials where we occasionally run special giveaways for extra energy.

Fun game. Idel. Although….I think it’s mainly bots, another thing to add these profiles with pictures of people, those people are really playing the game. I mean it showed an elderly lady surely in her upper 70s playing lol. I think not. I think if you get attacked, you should have the option to attack back. Definitely like to see improvement and changes made.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’re delighted to learn that you’re enjoying Go Go Magnet. We appreciate you bringing up concerns about the game, and we will convey your suggestion regarding the ability to choose your opponent during attacks to our developers for consideration. Your insights play a crucial role in helping us enhance the game

I think the game is great and I’m really enjoying my time with it. The only thing that stops it from being five stars is all the offers being thrown in my face. There needs to be some kind of shop where I can go into and see what offers there are instead of jumping onto the game and being greeted with 10 offers in a row, begging me to spend money before I can even play the game. It truly ruins the experience and it’s not needed.

  • Hi Tom! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the game! Your feedback about the offers is noted, and we’ll definitely pass this along to our development team.

Where to start with what’s wrong about this game? How about the attacking, more times than not I’ll only get 1 hit in missing the other 2 while the enemy lands every shot never missing, there’s also enemy characters not spawning in during an attack or how about shipyard materials just straight up vanishing. If you’re already playing Monopoly or Coin Master stick to them they do it better.

  • Thanks for highlighting the specific aspects that influenced your rating. We’ll make sure to relay this to our development team. If you come across any specific bugs, feel free to connect with our customer support: gogomagnet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new — Your input is crucial, and we’re committed to refining the gaming experience.

wow this game has me hooked. the animations are awesome and smooth. there are some ads but it never gets in the way of the action. its kind of like monopoly go meets anime. DOWNLOAD NOW !!!

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