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My Red Panda  Hidden deep in the jungle, behind the bamboo, there’s a new friend waiting for you, so that you won’t have to go on adventures alone any more: your Red Panda!

Take care of your own virtual pet
Download My Red Panda and always have your virtual pet by your side. Explore his home and pay attention to your Red Panda’s needs so that he wants for nothing:

Feed your new pet treats and make sure that he has enough to drink; play exciting games so he doesn’t get bored, and wash him when he gets too dirty. And even more important: pet your Red Panda so he knows just how much you love him!

Put your skills to the test
Your new pet wants to be entertained, so let’s start playing puzzle games or groom your Red Panda!

Afraid of heights? Guide him across dangerous obstacles at dizzying heights and show your skill.
For even more variety, give him a new coat and change the color of his fur. The other forest dwellers are sure to go green with envy!

Things never get boring with your new pet

Is your Red Panda out of steam after a hard day? Then let him count sheep and drift off to sleep – but make sure you don’t fall asleep yourself! Feed and stroke your pet, and browse the shop for tasty treats so he doesn’t end up only eating bamboo. You can look forward to the many rewards that await you for completing the exciting quests. Stock up on coins and diamonds to buy extras and games for your Red Panda . You’re in for a great surprise!

Give your pet a cute name and form a deep friendship
Have fun together in lots of funny games
Complete exciting quests and receive rewards
Stroke, feed, love – take care of your Red Panda

Now there’s nothing standing in the way of a great friendship!

My Red Panda user reviews :

I really like the game. Unfortunately since I had to switch to a new device I had to start over from the beginning even though I can still see my achievements registered in my account. The backup / syncing feature just doesn’t seem to work. Even now when my phone needed a reset: again starting over. When I tried to find the problem and uninstalled/ installed again I could continue on the same level but everything in my backpack had vanished. Soooo frustrating!

He’s really cute, animated well and close to what I’m looking for in a virtual pet. You play games, level him up, feed him, bathe him and pet him, but two things are missing: you have to have the app open for him to rest, and the idle animation leaves more to be desired. He just sits there and looks at you. I’d would like for him to run around and play when you’re not playing mini games with him. It also doesn’t make sense to have to bathe him more than once a day.

This game is fun, and I’m really enjoying my new red panda. However, some of the controls are a bit wierd. Like the thought bubble were he wants food, I tap his thought bubble, and it just says to feed him. And then I have to just try and remember how to feed him by tapping the backpack to drag the food and give it to him, so maybe make that a bit easier.

This game is absolutely amazing when I saw other people’s rates I felt like the game was going to be faulty but since I am a true tivola fan I had to install it just in case and I don’t regret my decision also I’m pretty sure tivola haven’t made another game where you have a pet you can actually explore with and interact with not to mention even though going on an adventure with interaction and a pet is enough like most of their other games you also get to name your pet!

This game is really fun with a lot of attention to detail. The graphics are cute and the options of fur colours are cute as well. I love playing with my panda with fun and challenging games and having to wash and clean it gives me something to make me feel responsible lol. Love this game you should introduce more character that would be

The panda is cute. But you just play games to collect coins to feed him……alot! There are many cute skins for him but the prices are outrageous. I had all the games open, and levels open, and some expensive skins….and Tivola has always saved my progress in their other games. I took the game off my phone and when I came back all my progress was gone! I had spent a lot of real cash. It just isnt worth it.

This is literally the best app I have ever gotten. This is so cute and calming, I love it so so much. It takes my mind off so many stresses, I really want to buy the other skins! I recommend this app to everyone. No glitches or bugs, graphics are adorable. Gameplay 10/10 I love it

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