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[App] My Stuff Organizer – For Home Inventory Management

My Stuff Organizer  New features Update**

Dashboard – to get all stuff details at one place
Tab bar – to switch for different features smoothly
Out of Stock Option – for Small business Inventory management
Barcode scanner – To add barcodes of a product or to create custom barcodes if needed.
Lend/borrow – to ease Stuff organization

My Stuff Manager: For Home Inventory Management, an Inventory App that helps you to store the details of all the stuff you’ve purchased or already having at your home, warehouse or office. With this Stuff Management App, keep a track of things with people whom you have Lend/Borrow stuff, hold the expenses & plan your budget accordingly!

Hang On! Tips about this personal stuff management & Anytime Organizer app!

Just download My Stuff Manager: For Home Inventory Management”, & develop a habit to manage things smartly!

We’re surrounded by a lot of things at our home, office or shop, where personal stuff management is really needed! We gather so many home inventory that we lack space to put new items that we buy & didn’t remember warranty. Organize things with this Expense Tracker & My Stuff Organizer App! Keep track of all different category things, big or small, with this personal Things management.
WHY want to track things?

Stuffocation! Sometimes, you’re unaware of items that you own & find them while cleaning closet or drawer. Now, to manage personal closet becomes even easier with this Closet Organizer App(Clothes Organizer)!

If you want to keep the latest fashion in your wardrobe, you should definitely use this closet organizer app a.k.a. Wardrobe organizer!

Not only to organize things, but this Expense Tracker App also helps you to:

Add Purchase Date, Price & Place from where you bought
Add Warranty-Guarantee details
Keep track of your things
Find your favorite stuff using Search Option

Shopping is a common hobby, but you also need to keep your hands tight! This anytime organizer App(inventory app) will help you to keep an eye on all your favorite things from whom you have Lend/Borrow stuff!

BONUS Features of this Home Inventory Management App

Quick Backup & Restore data
Guarantee/Warranty Reminder
Categorize things
Total expense spent on each stuff category
Share details of your personal things with anyone with this Inventory app

How to manage things using this My Stuff Organizer app?

Download “My Stuff Manager: For Home Inventory Management” to Track Things instantly.

Select Category/Place/People/Lend Borrow Option to add stuff
Click ‘+’ to add your Stuff
Add a photo of the item
Name your stuff
Add/Select the Category
Add Purchase Date & Warranty Date
Add the cost of your stuff with a different currency unit
Know “Where’s My Stuff” or with whom it is
Add more info to keep track of your things
Edit/Delete a Stuff/Category
Share your stuff details

Know more About ‘My Stuff Manager: For Home Inventory Management to Track Things easily.’

In this Home Inventory Tracker App, take quick backup of your stuff with ‘Backup Data’ option in the Navigation Drawer! So, whenever you change the device, just login to your account & Restore it!

In just a few taps, add/edit/delete any stuff from home appliances category, save it! Now manage things & all your home inventory with this Inventory Management App. Add all the type of stuff here, be it small as buying a nail paint, Real Estate Properties like a penthouse, or any form of purchase!

Instead of using the handy methods of pen n’ paper, just download this “My Stuff Manager: For Home Inventory Management- All In One Organizer” and Organize Things NOW!

My Stuff Organizer user reviews :

I like this app a lot. And it has just about everything you need. But I think it could be a little more visually appealing. As in more options to choose from on the labels. They kinda just so plain. But I’m a girl so I would like to make it more pretty, declarative for me. Personalized other than that it’s very good app

The app is really good, exactly what I wanted. I am a premium member and not able to create backup. During back up creation error comes and a backup is also created. So I am not sure it is working correctly or not.
  • Susamp Apps
  • Hey there, we apologize for the inconvenience! Please contact our technical support team at ‘appsupport[at]’ and share your issue in detail. So that we can look into the matter and get back to you with the best solution!

The app is so slow that everytime you go back to the dashboard or even go back to the previous page its like running pentium process. I even spent money to get premium cuz I really like the app. So disappointed

LOVE this app! It is exactly what I need! Within minutes of downloading this app, I was able utilize it by keeping track of “seasonal stuff,” that often get overlooked or forgotten resulting in duplicate purchases or items loaned that never makes its way back. It didn’t take me long to purchase a year’s subscription to know, this is the app I need today, tomorrow and yesterday! Thank you!!!

Liked the app, disliked the subscription surprise. The app is very easy to use and is laid out well but after listing only a few things it popped up saying I needed a subscription to do any more. Not mad at the subscription so much as zero warning that there might be one, especially given the ads that were already somewhat inconvenient.

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