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[Game] Epic Mecha Girls – Anime RPG

Epic Mecha Girls

An ecchi anime RPG with mecha fights and tons of knights, waifu, gacha games, goddesses and heroes to summon. Upgrade your robots, improve your characters, win turn based battles and make an epic conquest in Epic Mecha Girls!

Play a great chronicle and get stronger defeating bosses, enemies and monster raids. More than seven chapters to complete with anime girls. Enjoy challenging levels and finish them using strategy and powerful attacks. Unlock new robots, merge them into powerful ones and get exclusive skins.

Epic Mecha Girls project features:

Play a great anime game with incredible visuals, sexy girls and manga style. Lovely 2D graphics and animations in every fantasy battle. Complete the knights chronicle and become the lord of heroes.

Choose your team considering power, elements and skills to win every battle. Healer, magician, tank and many more to create your perfect party and defeat seven deadly sins with your waifu.

There are tens of characters and skins to unlock. Some of them are common, rare or epic. Can you get every legendary mecha? Summon anime girls for an epic conquest. Complete de project qt in this anime roleplay.

Equip weapons, armor and magical items to improve stats. Also, merge heroes, anime girls and mechas to get strength, speed and defense. Stop the void fighting in the line in turn based battles.

Enjoy different missions and summon heroes, skins and objects to collect. Many of those items and anime robots are exclusive and limited in time. Earn epic rewards to win in the frontline.

Choose your iron mecha team and fight against real people around the world. Defeat their robots and win fantasy items and prizes. Enjoy the knights chronicles with more than seven epic characters to summon.

Fight with the hardest enemies in special events and extreme mode. Enjoy turn based battles or raids with the best characters available. Defeat the seven deadly sins with the most powerful heroes: valkyrie, goddess of genesis and legendary knights.

Enjoy Epic Mecha Girls, a fantasy anime turn based RPG with classic tactics, and defeat chaos and sins using iron robots, powerful heroes and magical skills. Play challenging levels, raids and face bosses and other characters in PVP fights. Find the best weapons, improve your waifu girls, complete the knights chronicle and unlock new legendary goddesses.

Epic Mecha Girls user reviews :

I think it could be fun with the art and idle battle stages. It seems to be a little hard to get summons cubes but then again I just started playing. Seems fun so far though. Edit: I left and came back to test it out again. Same issues and I echo others on here. Ditch the bad elemental system and make more characters that don’t cost an arm and a leg to get, if you want the game to be successful.

  • Hi Scott! Thanks for the opinion! Through the events tab and the shop, you will be able to find special offers to obtain more Xen’s (please, don’t sell an arm or a leg to get them!). Still, if you want to provide more detailed feedback, feel free to do it on our official Discord. Have a nice day!

Game play itself is midly fun it’s a simple Rock paper scissors higher LV wins game. It has a decent story to get the player involed with some fair looking art, but the prices are far too expensive and having so much locked behind paywalls. I just can’t justify that kind of spending. I don’t mind spending $20 on occasion but that’s not even the average price. Make all the characters be interactive, with higher quality art, voice acting, to justify the high prices, and maybe I’d spend cash.

  • Hi Shawn! Thank you for your review! We often release special packs with offers, and you can find them in the Events tab and the shop. Nevertheless, we will review your opinion to continue improving the game and the experience! Greetings!

it’s an alright game, the tired old trope of fire, water, wood, light, dark is present. the same heroes are in all the elements, so if you are a collector, prepare for wallet troubles. gameplay is pretty basic, but user friendly. has tactile issues with menues.

  • Hi James! Thank you for your review! If you are experiencing technical issues, please, write to support[at]vivastudios.com or send us a DM on our official Discord, and we will be more than happy to assist you! Thank you!

will give 5 stars if I find features or nee features are added for animation and more detail on characters, there needs to be animation styles for characters and emotes and more animations that just neutral idle animation, maybe add an animation for a tap on character, also on iron saga they have created animations for tap. so why can’t the devs do the same? unless iron saga is superior?

  • Hi John! Thank you for your feedback. We are currently working to enhance the game, and we will consider your comment. Please, stay tuned for upcoming updates. Have a nice day!

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