My Town Shopping Mall – Shop everything you need for a party

[Game] My Town Shopping Mall

My Town Shopping Mall

The mall offers countless opportunities in this shopping game for girls>

My Town : Shopping Mall is now open for business! Does your baby girl love to dress up, mall visits and shopping?

Grab your shopping bags and visit the stores for everything on your shopping list Dress to impress and put on your best shopping outfit – Dress up, apply the latest makeup, shop everything you need for a party and more! But don’t forget to have your photos taken with Santa!

Have you been dreaming about a new phone or tablet? Stop by the mobile store! There are clothing stores where you can dress up in the latest fashion or check out the recent trends, stores for the new babies in your life, and music stores where you can act out your rock star dreams! Have you seen an eye doctor recently? Stop by the glasses store to pick up some fresh new frames! We know all this shopping will make you hungry, so come pick up your favorite meals in our large food court!

No matter which store you choose to explore, there are HOURS of fun ahead with THREE mall floors of shopping extravaganza!!

My Town: Shopping Mall Game for Girls Features

This game is connected to all other My Town games, transfer your favorite characters from those my town games
3 Floors of Mall Fun with tons of stores to play with such as Cake store, Baby store, Mobile store, pets store, Music store and more…
New characters you can take to our other connected my town games.
Go shopping in the mall
Food and Arcade are waiting for you on the top floor!
Shopping mall experience for fashion loving girls
A multitouch feature, Kids can dress up together on the same tablet!
A my town shopping game made for girls of all ages

Recommended Age Group
Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents or other family members are out of the room. Young girls can visit the mall with their parents, while older girls can dress up with friends.

My Town Shopping Mall user reviews :

Hello! I love this game so much! This is wat I like about this game 1.There is some free places! 2.I like the characters there is one character that you can unlock with an ad.3.Its enjoying 4.So relaxing Things Love this game so so so much but there is 2 thing that I hate 1.1characterz are not free 2 You can get the characters but you need premium

I love the game but small problem I tried to restart the game but it still doesn’t work if you could fix my problem I will change my star to five

Nice game but one problem not all character are unlock otherwise game. Is best

The game is great but want to travel to one game to another then l shop I want to go home

This game is really good but before I install this game then charactors dresses are open easyly when I see few seconds add but now I’m tired do try but no response

It is nice game but the only problem is that in 2 ,3 minutes ad is come and game start first part

The game is nice but when I seen the ad to unlock character it is not opening pls

Hi plz pix this games I do not want ads and lock people if you do not fix you will get less flowers and fans plz fix now!!!

Bug, it said loading and it would take a long time to load plus when I watch a add it kicks me out to the intro :(

I give u 5 stars coz im a nice person and this game so good too but the problem is the close are LOC ked I mean the best .

this is like the best game and this is something relly cool in my town home after I finished the but did you know what happend they went in my house on my town home my town is the best app ever I play it evry day!

I use this game to keep myself occupied, I love putting the boys in dresses to support that, anyway i love to play this, I have most of the games from the series, so fun!! The bad stuff is a few characters are locked or needs an add that I would like, alot of adds, but apart from that it’s amazing

I absolutly love this game! The reason i gave it 3 stars is the fact that not all of the charictors are free, it woukd be a lot more fun to control many charictors for a mall, also i would realy like it and so would a lot of ppl if it would save ur progress like when u come back in the app nothing will reset, lastly it would be cool if when we buy cloths and stuff it would go to my town home, like we could keep everything we bought! I love this game despite thoes things, keep up the great work!!

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