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MyNovelMyNovel – A Reading Platform For Ladies.

Here, you can experience:
1. A reading platform specialized for ladies.
2. Immersive reading experience.
3. Dreamy color tones of pink and purple.

Here, you can read:
1. His Lost Lycan Luna
2. You’re Mine
3. Fated to Them

10k+ amazing stories are waiting for your pick!

MyNovel user reviews :

Not quite user friendly. Doesn’t explain offhand the difference between coins/vouchers, limited windows to obtain rewards. You can watch ads, of which you’re alloted so many per day, but there’s a delay timeclock between them. Not sure what the point of that is, except to prevent users from taking full advantage without paying real money. It feels like you’re tricking people.

Update to prior review. It’s getting worse. Now you want me to read 300 mins to get the same rewards I use to get for reading half that time. (Prior review still applies) Good books but what I don’t like is your bonus system. MOST TIME I try to collect rewards for reading…it says…failed try again later.(have to close an open app) And several times the ads freeze and you DON’T get the rewards for them. It’s really annoying to watch an ad and have it freeze when you’ve got 3 seconds left

I like this app better than most reading apps you have to pay for. Two things I don’t really like 1) I’m not patient, so when a book isn’t finished, it frustrates me. I don’t see a time frame as to when it will be done, and there aren’t notifications when new chapters are published. So you get all invested and then have to wait for who knows how long. 2) I wish there was a price for either the whole book or the whole year. I have another app that I can buy a yearly subscription, and I love it.

BOOKS ARE GOOD-PRICE IS RIDICULOUS Many stories are good, but there needs to be better editing in the books…far too many errors for the price you pay. I’ve averaged out the cost of some of the books I have read, and it is truly ridiculous that I allow myself to pay as much as $50+ for a novel! But by the time you’re deeply invested into the storyline, I find it hard to stop after I’ve already put $20-$30 into it.

I like the app and all because I love to read but I am not happy about having to spend money that I don’t have on coins to read more chapters. Free reading app for the first like 5 or 6 chapters then you have to pay. I mean I might as well just repay for kindle at least that lasts for a full month without the difficulty of buying more coins to read making it harder to earn the coins to read the rest of the book….

Iv only recently downloaded the app after getting sucked into a book sample on Facebook and since then I have started reading 3 books and all 3 have me hooked but I find the chapters are too expensive, maybe if you lower the cost from 180coins to at least 120 or give the option to unlock a couple of chapters by watching adds after purchasing say 10 chapters or so. I feel the app doesn’t reward customers enough to continue using the app which is a shame because you have some amazing books.

Books are well written and excellent reads, but the costs should be noted up front. Also, it’s not cheap and you can’t just buy a book. Honestly, I will probably delete it as it’s inconvenient and a waste of my time. I am a single parent and reading I my way to relax after a long day, but watching ad’s and jumping through hoops to read isn’t worth it.

It’s okay. Decent stories. Edited better than most. I read from several platforms, but keep coming back to this one. I limit how many stories I read because it can get expensive, but coins can be earned daily by watching ads.

I would give 5, but it would be nice to know, before starting a book, whether that book is completed or not. I’m a fairly fast reader, & it’s so annoying to really get into a story, just to turn the page & find out it’s incomplete.

I love the stories. But it was too expensive to purchase an entire book. So compared to other reading apps, the books are of higher quality (less grammatical errors), but more expensive by a bit. You get what you pay for.

The stories are great, app is smooth and easy to read from. But the use of coins and vouchers is confusing AF and frustrating. I just want to read the book!

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