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Book Genres: Romance, Vampire, Billionaire, Fantasy, History, Wuxia, Sci-fi, Fanfic, Horror, Mystery

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The Rejected Mate Two years later, I became a strong, pretty and shining she-wolf, and I came back to him again.
Only for revenge!

I swore I would make him fall in love with me, then I would break his heart and dump him!

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Love Story in the Summer

Lizzy Zoe, 27 years old and single.
She got a dream but slightly different from other ladies. She was willing to be a single unmarried mother. More than dreaming, she took the action which heard kind of crazy—-she dated a handsome man in a night bar then invited the man to go to a hotel. She was going to steal… no, borrow his sperm to have a baby!

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Abundant Genres: Explore the romantic stories!
Free Trial Reading: Enjoy few chapters of any book for free!
Personalize Your Reading Experience: Make reading more comfortable!
Offline Reading: Enjoy books at any time and anywhere!
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FoxNovel user reviews :

Captivating stories but really great ones have very expensive chapters. Give more chances to earn gems or vouchers like other reading apps without downloading games that eat up cp memory space.

I love to read stories in this app because they’re quite good and interesting. But lately there’s a sudden change on the app when I’ve updated it. The daily mission wherein you can earn a certain number of vouchers once you have read for 30 mins to 1 hour suddenly stopped or not functioning anymore no matter how long you read stories in its platform. This made me upset on this app. Why the sudden change? I think the developer should give consideration on this matter. Thank you.

I really like the stories that I’m reading, but with the cost of the coins…they become extremely expensive. They’re also entirely too long!!! Because of that, you start to wonder if it’s better to just stop reading the story. Especially when you can buy completed novels on Amazon ranging from being free to $5.99 that doesn’t have the errors…

  • Dear, when writers get paid it encourages them to craft their works better. So, if you like the story, you can decide to support an author by purchasing coins to continue reading his work. And you can also choose to check in every day or do the task to get vouchers and read the novel for free.

It has books that are translated with many grammar, and spelling errors which makes some of the books really difficult to read. Another downfall is that some books are really long but incomplete which is quite annoying as you have to wait for the author to update, only to get 6 or 2 chapters a day. In addition, some content is repetion and a lot of waffling. The storylines are not bad.

  • Dear, thanks for your correction, we are very sorry for that, and we have given feedback to the author for improvement. Thanks for your support and understanding.

Been editing this review for days and after almost a week I got frustrated with the app. Their books are great but their system is not. Expensive coins, short pages and supposedly free books for a week – not true. There are also grammatical errors which shouldn’t be experienced by the readers when they’re supposedly going to pay much. You should really consider your readers. Many couldn’t finish a single book because of this.

  • Dear reader: Thanks for your support and enjoy reading~Our app supports the copyright book, please understand price setting system.

I’m very happy that I chose to download this app. The books I’ve read so far by using this app have been great. It is hard though that I don’t have money to purchase the books and that means I have to wait everyday eagerly to purchase coins when I check-in. I’m glad I earn free coins by checking in and reading for more than 30 minutes and an hour. However it’s frustrating though when some books require a huge amount to unlock the next chapter.

Chapters are 8 pages long. Very annoying for any avid reader. The amount you need to spend is 5 $US for a coins & vouchers bundle… That’s about $75 in our currency. It isn’t worth it as you get such little content. The free vouchers get used up fast because it takes about 30 to unlock a chapter of 8 pages…. It’s unreasonable. There are a bunch of grammatical errors and some books seem to have been translated as they do not always make sense. In app customer service is great.

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