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MySkoda EssentialsHave your car under complete control wherever you are.

Install the MyŠkoda Essentials app and become a part of Škoda Auto digital world.

What Škoda Connect services are available in your car depends on the model, production period and it’s equipment. You can simply check the availability of Škoda Connect services for your car in the Availability List .

Important data in one place
Thanks to MyŠkoda Essentials you will always know how far you can go with your current fuel tank level. You can also easily check and display driving statistics such as current fuel consumption, distance covered, or trip length. Route planning feature and finding of parking spaces in your area will be make your each next trip a pleasure. And if you will forget where you parked there is always Parking location feature to help you. With Garage feature you will have all your Škoda cars neatly in one place and for each car you can easily access Digital manual for given model.

Remote control over your car
Various Škoda Connect packages allow you to control your car remotely. You can easily lock&unlock your vehicle or control your auxiliary heater, ventilation and air condition. Thanks to blink and honk feature you will never have to search for your car in a crowded parking lot.

Special features for electric vehicles
With MyŠkoda Essentials you can immediately check the battery charge status, and you can even remotely control the charging and climate control features, including setting up the charging limit or setting up departure timers for AC.

Service and maintenance features
You can display all the relevant messages for service or regular maintenance and also low oil or wiper fluid level notifications. However, you are also able to monitor overall health status of different components in you car such as engine, brakes, lights and many more. And if your vehicle’s system announces any defect, in MyŠkoda Essentials you can always learn more details. In the app you can also quickly find the contact info for your service partner along with their opening hours, so the next service booking will be a walk in the park.

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MySkoda Essentials user reviews :

Overall a good application. Ocazional issues with logging in, synchronizing data with the car (including sending commands) but the one that bugs me the most (pun intended) is the fact that window heating is only available by mistake when the app doesn’t synchronize correctly with the car and then, of course, any command sent to the car is dropped. What is up with that? All in all, thank you!

  • Dear Mr. Scutaru, thank you very much for your feedback. Would you please contact your local support to be able to check the availability of the window heating function specifically in your car – phone +3330037504 (for UK) or via the iCall button in your car. Your ŠKODA Connect App Team

Half of the time, the features of the app don’t work. I have an Enyaq IV, and most of the time, I cannot reliably adjust my departure plan for hours at a time; the charging features just show a bug report; these are the 2 most important features, and they almost never work…

  • Hello Mr. Nibbe, we are very sorry that you are having difficulties with our app. Unfortunately, we cannot help you without a deeper analysis. So please contact us via your local customer service (+800 80 247 247 or support[at], where we will be happy to attend to you individually. Your MyŠKODA App Team

After updating the app to the newest version, I can’t log in without allowing Skoda ID related profile data. Not sure why I should. Then when I did not want to accept the marketing emails, again I got an error message of something went wrong. Finally, with the third try I managed to sign in (still not sure if the marketing preferences were ticked or not). The UI is fancy, however usability of the old UI seemed better. The pictures in Play Store show coloured cards for the cars, mine is greyscale

The app has plenty of features. But, you cannot login, you cannot get updated info or change configuration. It has a lot of bugs and timeouts. I’ve followed the advice to clear the app cache. It worked. The problem is that I have to do that every time I want to use the app. It’s clearly an Android App issue. Why can’t Skoda make a working app?

  • Hello, we are very sorry for this inconvenience. As to the described troubles with the login you can try to clear the cache of ŠKODA Connect App in your smartphone. Would the troubles still remain please do not hesitate to contact us on the phone number +3330037504 (for UK) or via the iCall button in your car. Your ŠKODA Connect App Team

After S Pin change the application don’t update/display all modules, like: Vehicle Health Report, Doors and Lights, Vehicle Status. Thank you for your quick replay and solving of the issues above. 5 stars now!

  • Hello Mr. Roșu, glad to hear that you’re happy with the app. Don´t forget to keep it up to date to always have the access to all its functions :). Your MyŠKODA app team

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