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[App] MOVCAR – Car & Fleet Manager

MOVCARMOVCAR allows you to keep important vehicle or fleet documents digitally, always at hand, and receive reminders before expiration.

Track vehicle expenses, revisions, maintenance & tires. Manage insurances CASCO, MTPL, Assistance. Check the history of a used vehicle. Register unlimited cars. All FREE!

Forget about expired documents, insurance, or missed deadlines.
More features coming soon! Enjoy stress-free driving!

Register all car documents and get alerts when they are close to expiring. Have them always at hand
Keep the history of all maintenance activities or oil changes. Track your tires and tread for safe driving.
Track weekly/monthly/annual expenses related to your vehicle – and visualize them in reports and graphs.
Buy insurances and report claims in a few clicks. Quickly order roadside assistance
Before buying a used car – check a car’s history easily with CarVertical – directly from the App!
Track penalty points and never lose your license!
Manage personal documents like ID, driver’s license, and Green Certificate in the app! Get expiration reminders too!
Register as many vehicles as you want!


Main App Features
Store your vehicle’s documents safe and handy – monitor expiration dates on the status dashboard. Keep full-service history in one place, track costs, buy car insurances (TPL, CASCO), pay with SMS or card, report claims, and much more! Check the history of ANY vehicle, benefit from tips and tricks on how to maintain your vehicle! Register unlimited cars!

Safe Document Storage & Management
Manage, store safely & share your vehicle documents like:
Insurance policies
Technical Inspections (ITP)
Road tax documents
Maintenance & Service Reports
Registration certificate
Vehicle Identification Card
and up to 10 custom documents of your choice!
Upload all your documents and have them always at hand!

Reminders & Alerts
Set expiration dates for each document and start receiving reminders 30 days before they expire and keep receiving them weekly until expiration day, so you are always up to date!

With Movcar, you will never forget to:
Change tires
Prolong your car insurances (TPL, CASCO, Assistance)
Pay your annual taxes
Buy new vignette
Renew your technical inspection
Homologate your extinguisher or medical kit
Schedule another maintenance checkup
You will never miss an expiration date, never pay a fine!

Buying or selling a used car?
Always check the history of a used vehicle before buying it and avoid costly surprises! Immediately get a CarVertical report and find out about:
Vehicle service history,
Previous damages,
Eventual mileage rollbacks,
See historical photos,
Check previous owners,
Other useful information.

Tire Management
Register all your tire sets in the app. Easily track summer, winter, or all-season tires – without limits! Take notes, register tread depth, and get alerts when tire tread falls below the security level – we keep you safe!

Fleet Management!
Manage your fleet with our web platform – easily add or remove vehicles, documents, and drivers. Keep the overview, manage claims, communicate with drivers, and generate reports. Details:

Service and Maintenance History
Track full service & maintenance history – take notes, register mileage, save documents or invoices from the last service.

No limits! All FREE!
Register an unlimited number of vehicles and easily manage them all!

Additional FREE advantages you get:
Backup data of your vehicle in the cloud
Synchronize data between devices
Keep all your data safe
No advertising
Receive technical support within 24 hours.

Special requests?
Let us know and we will do it!

MOVCAR user reviews :

Wonderful application!! Just a question and an idea: For the ideea: When you add a new fuel entry, a box where you can add the Liters that you’ve put in the tank would be great. Because you can see at the end of the year for example how many liters you’ve put there and maybe a mix of fuel per month for example. And the question : When I try to add a picture of my driver license, after I allow the app to see my pictures, i try to push the + button but nothing happens.. Is there a bug?

  • Hello! Thank you for your review and idea! We will try to prepare such an option for fuel! In regards to the photos in drivers license – we are not aware of bugs in this area but to be sure, please send us some screenshots on email at support[at] We will check immediately! The Movcar Team

Great app offering a superb experience of allowing to add in just one place all the details/documents of each car you own and get notified when these expire. Highly apreciate the listening of user opinions and fast implementation of suggested improvements. One suggested improvement: possibility to export historical data in the app (.e.g. service notes for example when selling car

  • Thank you for this great idea. We will put it on the list. Movcar Team

Oneplus 6 Android 10 could not create an account at all before but tried it again in a few days and it worked. Great app, but still has some bugs, like after you switch the language to RO in my case, pressing some of the buttons on the bottom of the dashboard then going back for some reason resets the language back to EN.

  • Hello! Thanks a lot for your observations! We will do our best to fix these bugs soon! The Movcar Team

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