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[Game] Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors

Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors  Google Indie Game Festival Top10 winning Visual Novel!

Here comes a Visual Novel, filled with horror, youth, school and chat stories!
The full version is a completely complementary Visual Novel. (Required time to complete: About two hours)

It’s a completely unprecedented Visual Novel, made especially for smartphone users!

It’s volume 3 of the very popular series! Full-length chat stories style interactive story game

We recommend this game for those who…
like Visual Novel, but get tired of playing just regular ones
love horror
want to be moved
love light novels, Manga, Anime
love interactive story games and chat fiction
want to kill time
want to play for free

The choice you make leads all the way to the ending of the game! It’s a “multiple choice horror Visual Novel”!
It’s completely free to play more than a two hour scenario in the game!
It’s easy to read with less ads
It shows a list of all endings & allows you to skip to each section!

It’s a school horror mystery in the now-HOT-“Chat Stories”-format!
We will present a “real” story for your five senses with various tricks, which are available only with a smartphone.
What is the truth behind the “mystery”, which three characters will end up reaching…?


There was a secret forum managed by the newspaper club at a high school.
The “rumors” posted on the forum become “reality” and even “mysterious”…
What on earth are the “seven mysterious stories” posted on the forum…?

Please note that there will be some grotesque, bloody and cruel descriptions in some endings.

Akane “Gyaaaaaaaa! No waaaaaaaaaay!!
11th grade high school student. Belongs to the newspaper club. Cheerful, energetic but a little off.

Yuuki I might be able to do complex arithmetic…………
10th grade high school student. Belongs to the newspaper club. A little cowardly.

Shino … Why would you think I’m not worried?
12th grade high school student. The newspaper club leader. Calm, cool and collected, and a dependable Senpai.

for Android 5.1/6.0 users
Our game works on WebView. If the game does not start, please update your WebView.

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Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors user reviews :

Update: The game is working now! I’ve completed a few chapters and it’s an engaging story that I recommend highly. It’s not all perfect. The adverts are invasive and while they’re posted at breaks in the gameplay, I would still rather have the option to pay to remove them. Also, the game has choices at certain points. They’re right/wrong options that either move the linear plot or end in death. They seem to be trial and error, though, with very few hints given during the narrative.

This game is super fun! I couldn’t put down my phone. I kept tapping because I wanted more. The story and characters are great, and I was shocked with the plot twist at the end! It was so fun going back and seeing the unique endings and scenarios. I had an amazing time playing this game. If you’re a visual novel lover plus a knack for mysteries like me, you’ll absolutely enjoy this game!

Aaahh~ this game is amazing!! I really like games that can be completed in one sitting so if you want a short game, this is for youu!!! The characters are so adorable! I want to keep them in my pocket. I struggled a lot on chapter 5 and 7, that’s why I really like those chapters. Chapter 3 and 4 just made my heart ache, I want to hug those spirits :(( chapter 1,2, and 3 is just alright, but I like them too!! The animation, sounds, effects etc are amazing!!!!!! Overall, this game is amazing!!!

I would rate this five stars, but for some reason there is a bug. When my friend tried to watch the ad when Akane is going somewhere, rather than letting her watch the ads, it brings her back to the title screen. it isn’t her device because she tried it on three different devices and one of them is the same model as mine, but still, while mine works, hers doesn’t. Other people have experienced this problem as well, so please fix this!

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