Three Kingdoms Epic War – The key to victory is to choose the right lineup

[Game] Three Kingdoms Epic War

Three Kingdoms Epic War  Open world sandbox, Roam through the Three Kingdoms

More than 10,000 players will play on the same map. Compete or cooperate, what will you choose?

Stunning artworks by top artists, Numerous great characters

More than 300 Three Kingdoms characters, portrayed by renowned artists all over the world. Every Hero has their own unique skill. The key to victory is to choose the right lineup.

Borderless battlefield, True to history
1000 vs 1000 at max! Smart battle AI offers you the full experience of the epic historical battles.

Coalitions and country wars, Become the Emperor of China
Players can create or join a Guild to participate in massive battles like Siege and Country War.
Cities on the world map can be occupied by Guilds. Different cities produce different resources. Only the strongest Guild will occupy the capital city: Luoyang.

Historical and fictional scenarios, Superb voice acting
Experience history from different perspectives of four factions: Wei, Shu, Wu and Qun.

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Welcome to Three Kingdoms: Epic War! The real battle has just begun!
Open world sandbox battlefield, strategic gameplay with stunning cards designed by top artists. Ready to get back to the chaotic world of the Three Kingdoms!

Three Kingdoms Epic War user reviews :

I like the concept for this game as well as theme it seems well designed and on point to me runs well but I’ve encountered 2 problems now first off battles eventually freeze and don’t progress I have to leave fight and join back in sometimes I have to do this multiple times to get past one fight and the other thing is stage sweeping does not work no option to do so yes I have 3 starred stages I am enjoying game if you could fix these id be a happy man thanks Ps I have finished in game downloads

I just wanna play a game but this app make it so hard to gain power, your get booted to everywhere in the map instead of cooling off for being attacked too much. Then while doing the daily quest of collecting armor and weapons, it auto guide you to a base thats out of your 200 reach. Why woulld an autoguide leads you to somewhere you cannot reach? Really stupid programming.

Game is going downhill. Events and rewards for f2p players have been cut down significantly, while several paid-only events have been introduced. Paying players already had a massive advantage, this is just making things worse.

Really solid game, you don’t need to pay to enjoy. Only major issue is their cross-server PvP only creates lop-sided match-ups. Either you walk through your opponents or they walk through you. Not at all competitive.

Fun game at first. This game is extremely pay to win. Most noticeable during cross server pvp and server mergers. One week you need 250,000 pts in an event to get the top reward. Next week its 400,000 pts for the same reward. They want you to waste your time repeating things and spend real cash for ingame supplies to complete the quest. Also they have better items for sale in the shop for higher level players. Rich get richer. Dumb system, avoid this game.

The game stops responding everytime it loads halfway through after I press Start. Like 1/10 it completes but even so I had to exit the game and go back in hopes that it could work. Please fix!! Some texts aren’t complete (reading skills during battle etc). The fact that I can’t turn the camera makes moving backwards so difficult too. Buggy game

solid gameplay with unique elements. update: introduction of huge p2w elements have massively damaged this game

This game is fun and time consuming but all the 5 star reviews are based on a reward in the game. If you like the history behind the ROTK series then it is worth some fun. However that being said, that’s about where all the fun ends. The battles at first are not all that bad but when people finally get certain heroes ( Lu Bu) then they pretty much become very difficult if not impossible to defeat. After the campaign the game took a huge nosedive.

I rate this game 4 stars due to fond memories of the three kingdom story line. However for those that are looking for a good gaming experience may need to take these things into consideration. 1. The game has a large tendency to lag regardless of WiFi or 4/5G. 2. Some of the best units can only be collected by paying. 3. The game requires a lot of self exploration and testing as it is easy to skip explanations by simply taping the screen even if you do not hit the skip button.

I’m a big fan of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. So this game is right up my ally. That said, the graphics, and characters are really well designed. I also like the progression of battles, and the customization of my own general. There hasn’t been a paywall for me yet playing either. Though I can see spending some as my interest in the game grows.

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