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Mythic GirlsAbout the Game

Many years ago, the God of Creation and the Darkness Devil King fell into the eyes of chaos in the core of the world in the final battle.
After endless years, you, one of the Holy Guardians of the God of Creation awaken…
However, your God’s Heart is broken and scattered all over the world…
At the same time, the Darkness legion is gathering again to invade the Erica Land…
The story of Mythic Girls starts from here. You will then enchanter many girls who gain the inheritance of the shards of God’s Heart and fight against the Darkness Legion.

Game Features

Find Mythic Girls and Resist the Darkness Force
Original story. You will encounter Anime Mythic Girls with the power of the shard of the Heart of God. Mythic girls are from different races and have unique features. They also have their careers and special skills which may help you a lot in battle. These girls are your strong allies and also your families. It’s a RPG that you will never be alone.

Team-up for Adventure, Strategic Battle
Wisely set up your Mythic Girls team. There are 6 careers of Mythic Girls and you can deploy them into the 3+3 team. Front-row and Back-row position matters. Skills match is important, and merging skills will surely greatly enhance your team’s power. Turn-based battle also needs your wisdom.

Easy in Hero Cultivation
All the consumption of hero cultivation can be returned through a reborn system. No waste of resources. You can also forge gears in the blacksmith with materials acquired in the dungeon to strengthen your heroes.
Besides, advanced cultivation systems such as the Divinity System and Pet System are also waiting for you. IDLE gameplay is added.

Multiple New PVE Gameplays
Team up to clear stages and make friends.
Challenge Kingdom Tunnel and acquire special gears.
Open the Ruins of Gods and find surprising hidden chests.
Explore Goroka Ruins with random stylized events and gifts.
And so on…

Guild Gameplays
Join a guild in the game, then you will unlock guild gameplay including Resources hang-up, Guild boss, Escort, and so on.
Teams member can help each other and also communicate easily.
Enjoy the multiplayer gameplay.

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Mythic Girls user reviews :

The gameplay is okay. The animation and designs are nice. The tutorial is way overbearing and too extensive. Perfect game for if you’re a beginner. I don’t recommend for expert players. If it were possible to skip the tutorial, then I would give it 5 stars. Still a better game so far than what I’ve played before.

It could’ve been a decent game but it crashes when trying to do just about anything to progress. The art is nice and the animations are aswell when you’re able to see them working. Tutorials can trap you if you accidentally use one of the functions before you’re forced into following steps.

  • Hi, master, we have “skip” option for the game. You can quickly “skip” some parts in the tutorial…

The timers on activities in this game are so bugged it’s killing the game for me. 3 days in a row, I’ve tried to do World Boss but get ” Event Unavailable Yet” when I click go. Dispatch shows ‘completed rewards’ as soon as launched and doesn’t show time properly. When sending an escort, ‘claim rewards’ pops up right away and doesn’t show time properly. There’s no running world clock, so that’s cool. As someone who has spent money in this game, I don’t reccomened it to anyone.

I like everything about the game but their is an issue. Once I reach the first boss battle with Dracula the game kicks me off. Each time. It’s annoying and can’t move on with the story line.

I was actually expecting it to be so low quality, instead the characters from the previews are actually in game and the visuals are decent, fighting system is alright and the gacha system is good as well, the free 100 draws are nice too. Overall just an 8 out of 10, if you just made the quality of the animations better and alot more fluid and less stiff, I would give this a five star

The game is really good, but the stamina mechanic for this type of strategy idle game is really bad, you guys should not limit your player’s capability to challenge a level without losing anything. It kills the strategic planning aspect of the game.

Just starting so I have been running through a lot of tutorials and conversations. Which would be fine…if those conversations weren’t cringy and leave me feeling like someone machine translated the whole thing without asking a native speaker if things made sense. I am going to try for a while longer and may adjust my review later, but I am not getting good feelings from my “godhead”….

The character design, the voice character and even the quality, everything was great. I personally like the character design. I hope you guys add more heroes in the future. Good luck!

Fun so far, need to play this for a bit longer to get a real feel for it. Art style is very nice, I do like the combo effects certain characters have with others beyond just a stat boost.

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