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N0va DesktopMeet Lumi anytime and anywhere with just the tap of your finger.

N0va Desktop is an immersive live wallpaper application featuring the adorable virtual character, Lumi. Stay up-to-date with all of Lumi’s latest content, experience immersive live wallpapers, and take Lumi together on your device wherever life’s adventures may lead!

Silky-smooth live wallpapers bring Lumi to life in the palm of your hand
A variety of exclusive wallpapers and videos that let you pick the theme that best fits your mood

Get access to exclusive live wallpapers to personalize your device, and spend each day with Lumi right at your fingertips.

Get connected with Lumi:
Official website: n0vadp.hoyoverse.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/Lumi_N0va
Discord: discord.gg/VaJPDJ7

The RECORD_AUDIO Permission will only be used for allowing characters in the app to change their status. Please see the following for more info:
1. With this permission, when the user performs an action on their devices with audio output (such as watching a video with sound, or listening to music), the character in the app will react by putting on headphones.
2. Choosing to deny the RECORD_AUDIO Permission will not affect the general performance of this app.
3. Please be assured that this app will not record audio of any kind.

N0va Desktop user reviews :

I really like it! It runs pretty well on my device, and the wallpapers have a decent variety to them! There were some looping issues, but they seem to be fixed. Now if only I could find a desire to switch from my beautiful Venti wallpaper to try out Lumi… it’s not very likely.

the nova desktop live wallpapers features are a nice addition, well, id like to suggest a simple feature that would probably optimize the overall experience .. an option to choose to apply wallpapers only to the lockscreen .. along with being able to use different wallpapers for the desktop while the lockscreen wallpaper is in use .. maybe while the playlist runs, itd be nice to be able to choose to mute an audio and not

The wallpaper in the apps are very smooth and it’s very easy to apply on your phone. Though it would be nice if we were given an option to search for specific characters (I wanted kaeya and/or thoma as my wallpaper but they weren’t available so I just went for kazuha since his color scheme fits my phones theme). And I hope you guys add more soon. Can’t wait

I’m in love with with this app. It’s definitely worth it, and the aesthetic feel to it is what I really love about it. But it would be better if we can customize the character’s make ups, hair colors & all, and yeah! the pose & her positions as well. Bdw. please add more genshin characters.

I love it! There’s just one suggestion I have.. On the Lumi page, you can change her clothes, (Which is pretty cool) but I would LOVE to change her hair as well! Another suggestion, I would like to be able to interact with her, or more animation. Thank you!

I like the N0va desktop with smooth and light animations, but for some reason this application often stops on its own and my cellphone wallpaper suddenly changes itself to the default wallpaper from the factory, I hope you guys read this and can fix this problem

amazing! love the wallapers :) the only thing is maybe you could add some more wallpapers with sound/music? out of all the genshin wallpapers only one has sound. otherwise an amazing app!

The app is working just fine. The only problem is that sometimes Lumi will be stuck doing the same action again and again. Other than that everything is great. Let’s hope that Lumi can get a new outfit soon haha

It’s a good app however it seems to interfere with my Music apps as it sometimes causes stuttering and crashes when I use live wallpapers.

im INLOVEE with this app,but i have only a small suggestion;can u make extra poses that lumi can do?like she can be floating or she can also be doing that blow kiss pose,idrc what pose there is but atleast do some poses.overall AMAZING app,better then those ugly rip offs!

I’m in love with her i guess Lol.. but i hope there’s a feature that can make us interact with Lumi through Screen, waiting 4 new feature added

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