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[Game] MuzicSwipe – Discover New Music

MuzicSwipeMuzicSwipe is a music and content discovery platform designed to maximize new music discovery and optimize the artist to fan relationship.

With MuzicSwipe, you can preview music from all over the world, for free. MuzicSwipe features specially curated ‘15-second’ content previews known as ‘Clips’.

Fans listen to thousands of clips for free
Discover and match with your favorite new artists
Artists, tag your clips with multiple genres to match with the most appropriate fan audiences, globally.
Artists, you have unlimited clip uploads
Fans swipe ‘left’ or ‘right’ on each clip to show your interest in an artist or a song.
Swipe right 3-times to create a ‘match’ with new artists you’ve discovered.
Can’t wait to match? Instant Match is now available as an in-app purchase, just swipe up to instantly match with new artists you love.

MuzicSwipe works to support artists in finding fans who are truly passionate about their music.

Fair Play:

Until a ‘match’ is made, fans are not shown the name of the previewing artist allowing for an unbiased, music-centric decision making process.

MuzicSwipe levels the playing field for true music discovery and matches fans with artists solely based on musical taste.

Download MuzicSwipe today and soon discover new music and artists you will love.

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MuzicSwipe user reviews :

This app really does have potential. I seriously love the idea. But the feed is really only showing me rap, with the occasional other type of song. There’s nothing wrong with rap, but I like other types of songs, too. Also, you can’t see songs that you have specifically swiped right on unless you match with the artist. And the feed eventually just kept showing me the same songs. Keep working at it.

I’d LOVE it…if it showed me songs that weren’t just rap or R&B. I set my genre settings to specifically not include that, but that’s the only genres it suggests. Which is a shame, I wish it’d actually pay attention to the genres you put in.

Absolutely amazing music platform for upcoming artists to share and connect with fans. Although I haven’t used it, I’m talking from how good it’s for my friend who makes use of it and he always tell me so many good compliment about it

Looking forward to seeing what kind of engagement can come from this app as an artist. Easy to set up and seemingly easy to use. Looking good so far.

Amazing app as it is disrupting the music industry and allowing artists to grow in very unique ways! 5 stars for sure!

I will say this app is an absolute legend and fast in uploading tracks as long as it the right tracks I wish to move forward with MuzicSwipe and archive great benefits together

This app is great to explore and expose yourself as an recording artist to the world ,you just have to believe you will make it and keep uploading your music and video clips, and never stop chasing your dreams

Im an upcoming artist in Florida and this app is excellent for quick visual and creativity swipes. Look up @BigAlPanico. Ranked #20 all thanks to MuzicSwipe

Definitely luv the concept of this App….. definitely the future of Muzic and discovery….really DOPE can’t wait to see the improvements on this gonna be CRAZY!!

A cool concept to get your music heard and discover new artists, easy to use as well.

So far so good the app is running smooth like the song (smooth operator )!!!!

It’s a great app I know it will definitely help my music career reach new heights.

Love this way of both sharing my music and finding other artists who I wouldn’t otherwise see.

This app is really good because you can put your music out there and it’ll be heard

Glad to be apart of this new app. Very creative and easy to use!

I love this platform easy to set up and meet great people

This is the best app to to just discover new artists and new music

Awesome app helps promote music and easy to use

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