Nameless Origin – Powerful boss monsters that require a variety of strategies

[Game] Nameless Origin

Nameless Origin

Survive with your colleagues in the desperate apocalypse to defeat the enemies.

You have to join forces with your colleagues to survive. Swap with your colleague who can better deal with them to defeat the characteristic enemies!

Earn and grow your colleagues armed with a powerful ultimate skill and exclusive battle packs!

Collect various weapons to become stronger and annihilate your enemies!

More colleagues, weapons and new areas will be updated in the future!


 Intuitive game structure without learning
Powerful boss monsters that require a variety of strategies
Combat system that is easily and quickly understood
Ultimate skills with fancy effects that accentuate the character’s personality
Growth through item farming
Customizing characters in your own way through transcendence
Sense of achievement that can be felt in every stage
Extreme control required to survive
Pleasure of wiping out numerous monsters

Nameless Origin user reviews :

I would say this game is awsome. I reached chapter 2 so far. The only thing i noticed is that the map design is mostly the same and repetitive.. if u could add more maps u know a water there a wall there etc.. but still not a big reason to not give a 5*. I.ll look forward for the new updates. Also a way to see the descriptions of skills before game would reaaly help.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback! As you progress through more chapters, you’ll find something that functions like water! We plan to do more updates. Please look forward to them. Thank you so much for playing Nameless Origin.

Archers type….not bad. But the downfall is you don’t get to pick what character you start off with. Weird. Like on any level. Why not use my best character to walk thru what a weaker character struggles with? But they force you to use the weaker character. You play 1-2 chapters of these types of games and that’s all folks. Becomes very mundane and repetitive. I can’t seeyself playing these same levels over for years to come….I lasted about an hour.

  • If you clear the chapter 1, you will be able to change the starting character. Chapter 1 is designed to be suitable for Soha’s ability, so it is used instead of Ganfaul. You can easily break Chapter 1 by raising the power level of Soha using PPs. Thank you very much for playing Nameless Origin. We will make it easily through the future updates.

My experience was good for the most part, but it gets irritating when your inventory fills up and you don’t have enough money to upgrade anything. It puts you in the position of waiting for daily money, paying, or not playing. Would recommend a sell or discard feature.

  • Thank you for taking the time to give us this feedback, Lucas. You can sell items by approaching the trash can in the right side. Thank you so much for playing Nameless Origin!

Truly wonderful, challenging but not op on either end. You could build an op character, but with all the different characters, there many different options. Thank you for a very good game

  • We really value our player’s opinions, and hope to keep on improving Nameless Origin. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Great game! 2 minor things I would change is to add a delay on enemies attacks when you start a new level. I can’t count the times I’ve warped in and had enemies all around me fire instantly a barrage of missiles almost instantly killing me. In addition It would be nice to have better descriptors on abilities. Also even though the game is pretty bare bones for now I appreciate the developers taking a chance and trying to make a new and improved version in the genre.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback Etheria! We will certainly take it into consideration as we are continuously enhancing Nameless Origin.

Some of the bosses are ridiculous I mean one of them uses a attack that sends it half way across the map with a slash attack and it happens so fast that you can’t even doge it fix your game and on top of that your character runs so slow you can’t even get out of the way of the cyclops attack that slows you down

  • Perhaps you are talking about the boss of Chapter 3. The boss is designed to launch an unavoidable attack when you move away from the boss more than a certain distance. Make sure you don’t get too far away from the boss. Thank you for playing Nameless Origin.

Good time killer game, some chapters are annoying at first but you will get hang of it and defeat it, i wish there is a list of bosses like the list of the heroes so we can read their abilities and weaknesses

  • We really value our player’s opinions, and hope to keep on improving Nameless Origin. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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