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[Game] That’s a cow

That's a cowA super milky, super destructive & super fun game.

You play as a small cow that can fly on its own jet of milk. Rotate the cow to give her flight direction. Use the milk jet to move faster, fly higher, push physical objects, overcome various obstacles and defeat enemies with plungers (they are very cute and very fierce. Did I mention that they have a plunger?)

Collect all the coins and play on the special toy machine with toy cows. Unlock new cows and build your own special collection of cows. You could also win one of the very rare cows, with a unique jet (yes, there are cows that have more than just milk pouring out of them. It’s amazing, isn’t it?)

What to do?
run, fly & fight using milk jet
play a toy machine with cows
make your own collection of cows
create chaos and milky destruction
have milk-flavoured fun

Key features:
simple controls & infinite possibilites
very fun & dynamic 3D platformer
100+ great hand-crafted levels
20+ unique and sweet cows
an outstanding & cute art style

Play this milk-flavoured game right now!

That’s a cow user reviews :

Uhhh so when I play the game the screen will like flick and a black background will be shown. It’s like the game is trying to close itself during the levels. I would appreciate if that bug is fixed. It may be and hardware/software problem from my Xiaomi Redmi note 8 (2019 edition) that is already 2 and a half years old. If I do get a new phone soon then I would like to transfer the data between the phones but I don’t know how. I’m sorry if the review is too long

Amazing game! I really love the style and all the levels and different cows. I would like to see some more updates in the future like a pause button and maybe a level select, maybe even a boss fight?? But amazing game anyways!!!

This game is adorable, well made, has simple but fun mechanics, and satisfying sounds to go with it. There is 1 single cow you can purchase as a way to support the dev and remove ads. I personally purchased it because it felt worth it, not to remove ads, but to support the dev for making this goofy game. Cows are also my favorite animal. That’s a cow? It certainly is. I wish I could go into more detail, but alas. Aspiring game dev here, I hope you can play my cow games in the future as well

Fun game, with great controls and a very cute theme! I’d love to have a setting to keep the vibration but less strong PS: the latest update fixed the bug where you couldn’t launch the game after playing once!

  • Thank you sooo much

The concept is actually creative, the graphics are super detailed, it runs smoothly and the game is not buggy at all.

Well. This game is jiggly. It’s just very jiggly and that is a positive in my book.. it’s very ugly-cute and has simple gameplay, a great time killing game.. however the game is fairly surrreal and a tad creepy to me at times but this game is still in its early development so I understand thomat those stages can seem a little uncanny at times overall, p solid game

Great game concept. I think it lacks in content, after a little bit of time it gets boring, maybe some special levels or something to work towards

This game is WEIRDLY AWESOME i dont know but this game is so fun and it the home screen jiggles when you shake your phone. The thing is we can only buy cow Skins only for ADS, it would be nice ıf you can buy Skins for coins.!

Simple and cute. Smooth graphics with easy controls. Really good game.

Brilliant response from devs. Never in 11 years of android gaming have I known such a quick response and fix of an issue. Super well done devs, that’s how it’s done. Really enjoyable game!

  • Thank you for the review! Yes, sorry, my mistake! Already fixed

Bye, this game is so fun! The design and the motion effects add such a great experience. And the cow CLAW MACHINE IS SO FUN

I love this game so much it’s so funny and fun and I’m planning on getting 0 ads I can’t stop playing!

this game it’s so unique and fun! definitely want to see more skins!! they are adorable

Best mobile game ever I highly recommend to download this game. Its got funny art and easy controls. Plus it’s funny.

  • wow! thank you soooo much!

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