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NASCAR ManagerPlay NEW NASCAR® Manager for FREE! Test your skills and outsmart your opponents!

Compete in thrilling 1v1 sport contests with the toughest rival race drivers from around the world. From PVP Duels and Monthly Tournaments to Weekly Leagues, there are endless ways to prove yourself. Will you tell your Drivers to go full throttle from the start, or save fuel and tires for a late surge?

Rise through the Leagues and win chequered flags to earn epic rewards!

Make split-second management decisions as you go head-to-head in exciting PvP racing modes!

Join a Club and work as a team — earn Reputation for your Club and compete in Tournaments to win legendary perks!

Recruit and train NASCAR drivers to create your ultimate team, complete with unique custom liveries and detailed car tuning.

Set your pit stop strategy while keeping your cool in the heat of the race and react to cautions, draft partners, stage points and playoff points as you push your vehicles to the limit. Pull off genius tactical management orders.

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NASCAR Manager user reviews :

I think the cars could look more natural. They are pretty robotic looking. The asphalt could look more realistic. Cars clipping into eachother and hitting eachother coming off of pit lane. Stacking up one by one on the track and rear ending eachother. Need more overtaking. Should show the cars speed. Races could be a bit longer and not consume SO MUCH FUEL. The whole 6 lap race is pitting for fuel while not actually watching any meaningful racing. Cool concept, but I hope it gets more attention.

Game is pay to win at best. There’s no “deep strategy” in play. Whoever spends the most on crates, unlocks the better equipment. Season pass is way over priced for the quality of the game. Golden spin is just as bad. $1.99 for 200 useless coins?! Hard to believe NASCAR actually approved their brand behind this.

People in PVP were up and down a little, but the second i spent money; every single one has been higher level. Also, there is no option to get rid of ads, which makes this a ad pit. People hate this kind of tactics.

I have 1 question: how small is my fuel tank? My drivers ask me to make a pitstop every single lap. I get the race is only 6 laps but don’t you think it’s kind of annoying? The tire wear is ok. Although I do wish the ai crashed more often. Also it would be better if we could choose the length of our races. (As in short races, medium races, and long races)

Clearly a money grab that enshrines unhealthy energy drinks as some God level items. I wanted to like this game, but when you can change the stat’s of your drives by selecting expensive energy drinks for them to consume before a race (that is an extremely medically bad idea due to the amount of dehydration is caused in the act of the sport) you lost me, energy drinks should not be any where near a sport let alone glorified in the way you have done in this game.

The game is very fun and entertaining, that being said there is one thing i really dont like. The waiting for the crates is just insane unless u spent cash to get them. The timers need to go way down to like 15 minutes 30 at most so people can progress in the game…

It a good strategy game, have a complaint that I cannot see my coins due to it being covered by my phone camera on the Motorola. Otherwise that’s fixable by adding a screen safe zone setting. It’s been fun, but not for someone who doesn’t understand racing. Might be good to add tutorials for fuel consumption, tire wear and wut not.

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