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MonopostoMonoposto is an amazing independent racing game with single seater open-wheel cars.

You may wonder if there is a mathematical formula to win a race, but the truth is that there is no single way to succeed: so many aspects must be taken into consideration but one more than the others is the important one, being the fastest.

Compete in the 2024 season, there are 24 racing tracks waiting for you:

Quick race, Single race and Championship mode
Online multiplayer duel
Qualifying session
Race session with up to 22 cars
Pit stop during qualifying and race
Car repair during pit stop
Customization of cars and drivers
Choose your driver
5 different camera view
Spectator TV mode race view
Many options to customize your driving experience

Monoposto user reviews :

Perfect game especially how it makes you feel of an actual Formula 1 Racer. I play it on the lowest graphics and I still find it beautiful, so imagine if it was on the highest graphics the game offers. The game has no bugs so far so this is definitely a good choice for gamers with cheap phones. I also see a lot of people bashing the game because they can’t win the races just go the the settings and turn down the difficulties with the AI racers. It’s like you don’t how a game works. GOSH.

WOW, just wow. The game is perfect. The physics, the damage system, graphics. But the graphics are my biggest concern because I’m running on low end devices. I GREATLY appreciate if you guys have the option to optimize the game for low end device. And please add an explanation for the tyre types. I was new to these F1 racing game mechanics.

This is the best F1 Mobile Racing game by far. I’m loving the new 2024 update!! But there’s some things that i want to see be added in the feature. 1. Customizable hud, it would be really nice if we could put controls on the place we want it to be. 2. Time trial, it would be nice having to get the fastest time possible and also explore the tracks. That’s all!

It deserves a 4.5, the car drives at max speed at first race, has a qualifying for all tracks, has all tracks, you can set up the car differently for each race: wing, brake balance, suspension; you can choose the tyre types, have pitstops, decide the length of races, from 2 laps to full amount (50ish). But since quickrace night tracks are not at night, and some tracks which have off track sections of tarmac are shown as gravel it deserves 4.5. Also choosing intermediate tyres or wet is unclear.

It’s fun, nice graphics and controls. One issue tho for me is the a.i only using two of the three compound, and the rapid rate they catch up. Also is it possible to have 20 qualifying so there is a possibility upset and timing when u leave the pit lane. Other than that the game is solid and I hope it continues in the right direction.

This is literally the best Formula 1 game on mobile, the customization and possibilities are endless here, just two suggestion though, I’d recommend a spin system since you can’t possibly spin at high speed you just understeer, something toggleable or a slider for high speed slides, spinning which make it more realistic, secondly a multiplayer full grid 20 race system whether it would be a matchmaking or room creation system I would still love it and have fun on it, that’s all though great game.

Disappointing. Has native controller support but defaults to touchscreen and not controller when the controller is detected. After switching to controller in the settings you can’t customer the controls at all so you’re such accelerating with right analog stick. Navigating menus is a pain. To be honest the graphics are really dated.

This game is good in all aspects, but why the hell is it so hard. And two why are you locking other roads I mean I get yourdesire to make money but only 5 roads in the championship and the rest locked? Come on guys that’s stupid. And the worst part is that there is no other means to unlock those tracks. Truth I would rate it lower but me and my big, very big heart can see that you guys did something. So threestar dudes…

It is overall a good game, but it needs more improvement, the opponent AI overtake recklessly and we I have to retire if the AI touches us their car only get damage when they stop for too long and penalty system is not properly optimised for AI. The opponent AI is too overpowered that we can’t go fast around the corners like the AI, if we go fast as AI in a medium difficulty our car just spins out. The AI doesn’t feel realistic.

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