Nebula – Independent streaming service built by Creators

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Nebula Nebula is an independent streaming service built by Creators.

It features thoughtful videos, podcasts, and classes tailored for our audience — ad free. When using the Nebula app, you’ll enjoy access to:

A full catalog of videos, podcasts, and classes from all of our creators
Exclusive Nebula Originals every month
Nebula Plus — Extended cuts with additional, exclusive content
Notifications when your favorite creators release a new video
Video downloads for offline viewing

Not to mention you’ll have our eternal gratitude for supporting independent creators.

Some content may be presented in its original 4:3 format.

Nebula user reviews :

Video playback works pretty well. I think the design really needs some relatively simple UI changes. My main gripe is the Library section, the layout here is horizontal and only shows 1.5 video thumbnails, but you can click “View All” and it takes you to a far more intuitive, vertical thumbnail view. Frankly I have no idea why this “View All” view isn’t what you see when you go to the library tab, or what the idea was behind the unfinished-looking default view.

App is frustrating to use. I love the videos, but the app is erratic at best. I can’t scroll through my library without it randomly firing down the list. Then I can’t find the video that I was going to click … It’s just gone from the list…. An option to disable audio playback when I turn the screen off would be very appreciated. I find it to be a glaring omission. This app also refuses to accept that android tablets exist. Why does it default to portrait mode, when I’m using it in landscape?

I would love to like your service, the content is great and I genuinely believe you’re working on something amazing… But the app is a buggy mess. It won’t play full videos at once, no matter if they’re 5mins or 50mins, they’ll allways buffer permanently at the middle, forcing you to re-start the app. it will also randomly jump to other videos if you even think about touching the screen for anything. The app is awful

They made the app is MUCH better! UPDATED REVIEW September 2022 The content gets 5 stars the app gets 4. The biggest problem was the unrecoverable freezes returning to a video previously in progress. THAT WAS FIXED! The app also lacked features like picture in picture. That was added! It’s worth the download to support creators, watch exclusive content, and avoid ads. Thank you for great improvements to the app! Keep up the great work!

Great idea, flawed execution. I love so many of the creators on YouTube, but the user experience of this app is sadly really bad. I find it very hard to find the creators I like; the app doesn’t make use of the extra space on my Android tablet in landscape, instead displaying in a narrow portrait window; it only appears to have about a dozen categories of content so finding something in, say, “history” is almost chance. Maybe it’s just that I’m on Android. I hope for something better.

So far I haven’t had as severe of issues as other users have reported despite having a cheap phone. Perhaps my newer version of Android 11 helps? Regardless, content is great, and while the UI is barebones and finicky compared to YouTube, that’s a billion dollar corporation with thousands of engineers. Just getting video to stream reliably is difficult in and of itself. I look forwards to seeing this app improve over time.

The content is amazing, and the exclusive videos are a huge plus. The problem lies in the app’s interface and functionality. I’ve found videos buffer more often, even on perfect internet, there are no time stamps, videos skip and the search bar us lacklustre at best. I do believe however that in time this app will develop into something more usable, which is why I am holding out

Appalling, the user interface feels like something someone would make as their first development project, and there is little thought given to the actual usability of the video player. there is no need for transition effects, it just causes issues with playback, quality settings is under “auto” not a settings icon etc. it’s also a pain to find content you want without using search, why is followed a horizontal scroll, not vertical? camera can be seen as the bar isn’t black. use the web version.

While I really enjoy the content hosted by Nebula, the app in its current state needs a fair deal of work. Mostly I’m referring to the fact that the app does allow downloading videos for offline viewing, but I noticed that this doesn’t work as well as I had hoped as getting a video to load offline was a hassle, I have no idea what let me finally load it, but then it outright stopped playing a few minutes in.

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