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InColorGoogle Play’s Best Apps of 2017 winner in Southeast Asia, Brazil, Italy and other 8 regions.

InColor brings out your inner artist and lets you create your very own amazing artworks by filling colors!
Google Play’s Best Apps of 2017 winner;
Editor’s choice;
Over 1,000,000 downloads worldwide.


Countless coloring materials!
Tons of exquisite coloring pages of mandalas, animals, flowers, cartoons and many other styles updated everyday.

Coloring is so easy!
InColor has many different painting tools, each is customizable and easy to use, and with the help of our smart coloring, you can color within specific areas without worrying about getting your paint everywhere.

Whatever you can see, you can color!
Take a photo or import a picture from your gallery, and InColor will convert it into a coloring page in no time.

Draw and color!
You can draw your own mandala and color it with the many tools InColor provides.

Amazing community!
Aside from Facebook and Google Plus, InColor also has its very own social platform for you to share your works and get inspired by others’.

If you have any problems regarding InColor, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:[at]

InColor user reviews :

I had this app for a year or two and I got a new phone so I had to move it to the new phone. NOW, most of the pics I like to color are all gone. I have been trying to get them back but I cant. PLEASE!! PUT IT BACK. People are leaving because of the mess you made and we hate it. In 1 week if not fixed I will uninstall and be done. Nov. 3rd is the cut off for me.

Do you like drawing Well if u do this is the perfect app for u. Using inColor it makes your drawing the best! It makes it so realistic and fun and wht makes it even better is tht it’s easy to use. Using inColor you will enjoy every moment of your drawings and it’s so fun trust me. When ever you feel sad or stress no tht inColor is always there to cheer you up. log on right now and experience the joy I feel today using inColor.

I usually only use this app for pixel art and even then,the app isn’t that great for it, the ads don’t work for the templates, there are no layers.

Best app ever because no ads plus there is just so much to do such as colour your own photos or do pixle art which is my favorite or you could colour a picture that is already made by the app creators and it is all so easy to use.

Ughhh!!!!!! SO disappointed. This was an app I would regular reinstall every once in a while. But this time, after installing it I found out that it has been “Upgraded” AKA Downgraded. It’s SO much harder to find certain pictures, and some of them are gone. I spent 20mins trying to find some and couldn’t. It’s completely reorganized but it a worse way, where it’s harder to find stuff. And it seems like there’s more ads. I could be wrong about the ads, hard to tell because of the different set up

Seems to be a good app so far…just downloaded today! A good bucket fill tool would be nice and a better way to do gradients would make this app perfect for me!

I love this game because it has so many different things to do in it but I gave it 4 stars because some pics are not good for kids and also because almost every picture is lock ….pls I want you guys to unlock these pics …thank you

This is a very fun app, if you have nothing to do. I didn’t give them five stars because almost every drawing is locked. I mean why do they have to do that. But it is a very fun game to play with.

I love the app but I hate that in order to color all of the good colorings you have to spend $3.99 to get a subscription in order to color them so that’s why I vote this a one star

Honestly I love this game but every time I try to play the ones that are not on locked it always says free trial money money bla, bla, bla but I love the game

Love the app! Free color pics to change coloring techniques so cool. Recommend to anyone choose the type of pics that you want to color.

I love this app and all but you should give us more free beautiful pictures to color that’s that Edit: i can’t import images for some reason can you help with that

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