Necromancer Story – Your death was destined

[Game] Necromancer Story

Necromancer Story You have died.

The music has stopped along with your heart.
But there will be no mourning.
Your death was destined!
You have learned from this death.
You have become a necromancer.
One who transcends death itself.
Now, the music beings anew.
Beside your heart, once more…

Hack and Slash Action RPG.
Resurrect dead monsters to make them allies.
Get into the story of a mysterious Necromancer.

Necromancer Story user reviews :

The story was short and sweet, the gameplay switch-ups during ends of chapters and each story beat, and the ending itself were amazing. I could find myself replaying this game over and over. The item system is fair and not tedious at all. This game deserves its high rating, I can see that now.

This game is awesome! I really loved it! I have an idea for adventure and that’s to give the player the best gear in the game when they complete all chapters and finish story mode. The last ending really makes no sense. To get it, you will need to complete story mode and max out Rune Of God. There is just 1 problem and that’s the screen. I will give you a 5 star if you remove the screen effect and give the player the best gear in the game when they complete adventure mode.

Just completed the first adventure and please do take the time to play this game. In my opinion, probably the best on mobile right now. Its mechanics are simple enough to work well on mobile devices, it has an intriguing story aspect to and in game transactions aren’t forced into your face. The presentation of ads before battles and optional ads for revivals aren’t intrusive either. The way in which you level up your character overtime feels really rewarding as well! Best of all it’s free!!!

I actually love this game. The story is good and the combat is also good, it’s not like just because u have higher level equipments u will win, that’s just boring. U can win if u have skill that is required. There are many tactics of fighting. But my only problem was the joystick. It is sloppy. Other than that it’s quite good. The training mode sucks btw, it’s full of glitches. The game says to level up in training mode if the game level is hard but don’t be deceived. Good game though.

It’s a vary fun game with a fun story. My only complaint is that during the training section of the game if you are not in perfect place while the enemies come then your attack will slip right pass them and they get a free hit off. Maybe try putting a reset position button that puts you in the perfect spot for the enemies while they’re coming because it’s vary annoying dying for something that’s not your fault.

Combat system was mildly janky at times but otherwise the game was great, it didn’t seem like much at first but it grew on me, a full playthrough requires you to go from start to finish multiple times, but there is enough of a twist on it to still be fun each playthrough. I initially thought the story was lacking but it turned out rather fitting, with interesting usage of time travel and what our choices truly mean. 8/10 really fun, recommending to a friend.

Very good game ! Graphics are good, the gameplay is very good and stays relevant to the theme, the story is greatly done (Even though I only did the first adventure for now) and the difficulty is well balanced. Although, I am not a fan of the musics, but they greatly stick to the theme. Overall, it’s a very good game !

What an amazing story n experience for a mobile game. I’ll say it’s one of the most perfect games every played in a mobile phone platform. Low in size, compact, minimalistic, balance in details of gameplay. Very satisfying. It can be played in low end phones as well. Doesn’t hang, animations are balanced… Attack defense combo is great and use of other skills. Hoping for more games or other experiences from the solo developer. This quarantine was something. Congratulations for this game.

Beat the game and have since moved on, but the strategy involved in this game makes it worth the time and energy it takes to beat it, you can often run away from danger long enough to regen your HP and Mana and then return to the fight. Great game, no bugs, and I loved the runes. The third campaign was definitly the hardest, but it was an interesting unique way to play.

Made by the one-man-army Kang-Sun Park, this game has excellent controls, smooth graphics, a fun gameplay and a very unique story. Took me about 8h total to complete it. Didn’t buy anything but I did have to watch a few ads. But don’t let that turn you off – it’s an excellent game overall and I’m really impressed that it was all made by just one person. Hats off to you, developer!

Combats get a little boring especially for people who are addicted to very fast paced games But this is what I have been searching my entire life 1. The story 2. That sad depressing music that gives the perfect feel of a Necromancer 3. Animations I really loved the story of 1st adventure Now I am about to play next adventures

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