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[Game] Myths of Moonrise

Myths of Moonrise Without any warning, giant pieces of meteorolite pierced the tranquility and harmony of the night. In an instant, crash, screams, and wails cloaked the whole Continent in unending darkness.

The long lasting peace and innocent lives were torn up by the claws and teeth of the Fallen… Everything is on the verge of destruction…

At the life-and-death moment, the Vampire, the Werewolf and the Wizard reunited, searching for glimmers of hope amid the gloom. At long last, they reached the Ancestral Grounds, and the mighty Lord was awakened from the long sleep ahead of time… Now, he is giving commands to all races: Take back our lands and glory, and the moon shall rise once more!

Game Features

Rebuild Homes
Clear the ruins and obstacles! The way of rebuilding is always full of hardship. Behind the rubble and broken walls, there may be compatriots waiting to be rescued, while there may also be minions of the Fallen. Please take each step carefully, never give up on compatriots, and never show mercy to the Fallen. Arm yourself with strategies, and match the chess pieces to release the ancient power that can destroy the enemies!

Recruit Heroes
A lone wolf never becomes a real Lord! The elites of all races are eager to assist you! Never turn them down! On the contrary, you need to gather the strength, because you need your own strong right-hand man in the future.

Victory favors the prepared! Match-3 Battles and Hero Exploration make the perfect combination. During the severe dilemmas and narrow escapes, build up your clan, toughen your will, and achieve your glory! And all these abilities would be tested in the ultimate Arena!

War Overlord
4 Troop types and 5 Races, all of the relationships of restriction! Switching to the offense side is just about a blink of an eye! Wisely lining up and thinking ahead are of vital importance if you want to take the upper hand on the battlefield!

Create Alliances
Power speaks louder than oaths! Alliances of all races uphold the inner brotherly stability and the outer territory expansion, only with which they can make the Fallen tremble! Remember, a formidable Lord never fights alone!

Guard Continent
Inaction and shelters can only intensify the fierceness of the Fallen! Gather all forces to make initiative attacks! Wipe out all the threats on every inch of the Continent! Becoming the real Lord of Nights is the only way to regain calmness and harmony!

All Races are calling, are you in or not?

Myths of Moonrise is a free SLG game, but there are still in-game items that you can obtain and use by purchasing. Under the Terms of Use and User Privacy Policy, you need to reach the age of 7 to play. In addition, accessible networks and devices are required.

If you have any in-game issues or suggestions, please feel free to reach us via:

The Customer Center Building

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Myths of Moonrise user reviews :

The game is good and very entertaining. I only have one question, because I downloaded it thanks to an advertisement and in the advertisement it came as a plot of answer choices, for example, the fact is that I saw that the werewolves and tribes were coming to decide whether to hide the vampire girls or not , I would like to know if that is part of the game or just ads , because it seems like a great game , but I do not like to be deceived either , just that and thanks for a perfect work

  • Hello, My Lord! We appreciate your sincere comment. Hope you can continue to explore the mysterious continent and collect more rare heroes! Besides, you can also join our Facebook (@MythsOfMoonrise) or Discord ( where you can reach us and communicate with other players.

I always loved games with a halloween environment and seeing a game about vampires, wolves and that kind of things makes me happy, even if it’s a kind of candy crush saga styled game it’s still nice since the characters have their own attacks and animations for the mentioned ones. Keep going with the game like it is! You have done a really nice job

  • Hello, My Lord! We appreciate your sincere comment. Hope you can continue to explore the mysterious continent and collect more rare heroes! Besides, you can also join our Facebook (@MythsOfMoonrise) or Discord ( where you can reach us and communicate with other players.

The game is good and interesting. But can be better, the animations needs imporvements and some optimizations. It lags many times. Weather effects, day and night cycle, more gothic music can be a great addition.

  • Hello, My Lord! Thanks for your support and comment. We appreciate your suggestion and will pass it to our development team for consideration. You can also join our official Discord ( where you can get the latest game news. Have fun gaming!

Latest Update :

1. New event: Hymn of Spring
2. Added a new effect “Tough Battle” in [Arena: Hero Duel] and [Arena: Glory Contest]
Tough Battle: increases damage and rage recovery of both sides as the battle goes on.

Contact developer :


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