NMM File Manager – Support archive viewing and modification

[App] NMM File Manager

NMM File ManagerFile management, support archive viewing and modification.

Terminal emulator, support ssh connection.
High-performance text editor, code editor:
Find and replace (supports mark all, regular expressions).
Auto determine text encoding.
Auto indent and code folding.
Show line numbers, whitespace, EOL, control characters.

Multiple programming languages highlighting.

Customize the bottom toolbar, quickly enter or delete text.

Does not support right-to-left text or bi-directional text.

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NMM File Manager user reviews :

I’d have given the text editor 4 or 5 stars until last night’s update. But now, if I spend more than a few minutes away from the application, it closes one of two windows and resets the cursor in the other – erasing unsaved changes in the process. This is appalling behaviour for a text editor. Also, there’s no way to turn off the intrusive auto-completion. If this program, as it was, had enabled cut and paste, I’d have relied on it even more. Now I need to replace it.

  • Thanks, I will improve and fix these problems next time

i’m new to this app, been using it for about a month and love it for file management. As a rooted user I find it quite capable, and especially love its text and hex editors. I use it as a code editor. Two things I would like to see added are the ability to remount system or any file system as r/w if i cliçk on a file there to operate on, and would also like to see in the detail listing – user:group ownership and permissions without having to menu/properties. this is a best app nonetheless!

I found that at the end of a text file, it will copy the last 54 characters and append it to the end. Making changes to the end of the file does not make the text disappear. In other words, I think there’s an issue with saving the file. Speaking of which, it can be annoying trying to make sure the file explorer portion of the app is open and running just so I can save what I’m editing. Not sure if it’s related, but it seems fishy.

  • This is a bug, it has been fixed in the new version

This is awesome! I’ve been missing many of this apps features on mobile for a long time — thank you! Text editor is only available from a file manager on my Android 10, while the shortcut feature on my Android 9 made it easy to add that to the home screen itself. The editor alone would probably do very well though.

I wasn’t expecting a full blown file explorer to come be a part this app. It handles better and has more features than Google’s. The text editor itself is also just as high quality. Edit: Okay I’ve been playing around with the file manager and it’s easily one of the most powerful and user friendly file managers on Android. I love it. Devs please give us a way to donate to you.

A very handy free file manager with a nifty text editor. In the file manager, I can open multiple tabs to different folders for easy navigation between. The text editor is one of the best I’ve used. It features something hard to find in other apps – a find and replace feature.

Great features, but there seems to be no way of applying Word Wrap. For long lines, this means you can’t read it without scrolling hundreds of columns off the visible screen. Is there any way to force Word Wrap?

Absolutely wonderful. It’s fully packed with nerdy features I love. It’s also capable of associating with any file extension as either text or hex, like I’ve always wanted. I would pledge my firstborn to you.

In my experience, the best mobile file manager and text editor respectively! Easy to use out of the box yet can be configured to however advanced you want it to be. No ads. Traditional and simple design and feel. 10/10

Absolute best application. I’m using this for years and Loving it. Specially the luaScript, terminal, quick command,Code comparison, Project folder features are best. I’m also automating a lot of task with this app. if theres an option like “Initial command” in jackpal’s terminal emulator, then it will be great for me. to store aliases at starting of a local terminal session. also if “External Command” Option Given in the File manager than it would be killing feature.

Using this app for about two years and it’s never falling its job. The only issue I can recall is the unexplained duplication of the app in the “default apps” setup dialogue.

I needed to edit large text files with >400.000 lines and after trying a total of 29 editors, this was only one of two that didn’t crash or lock up. It’s just as powerful as QuickEdit, which was my previous favorite, but without the bugs and terribly annoying ads and without the file size limit. It saved me from missing a deadline and I absolutely love it

The app is one of (if not the) best file managers. However there are still problems, like the one with the passwords. If you type the wrong password for an archived file, and forget to uncheck the “remember passwords” box, the only way to properly decode the file will be to unarchive and archive again. This is a big problem for me, since I am using really long passwords for important files.

Amazing file explorer, however I do have a few nitpicks. First, the photos menu shows all photos on the device like they are in one folder, instead of sorting them by folders. Adding an option to do so would be wonderful. Also, you cant take any actions from within the image viewer (things like delete and share etc), which is annoying.. Otherwise, great job l, keep up the good work! EDIT: dark mode bug fixed, +1 star, keep working on it!

  • Thanks, personal projects may be slower to improve. Currently hex edit is doing, and new features will be given to the image viewer after completion.

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