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NOISENOISE is a powerful modular music app that lets you make music in minutes, whether you’re a beginner or a pro musician.

Using simple, easy-to-learn gestures, you can create beats, melodies and songs with a huge library of sounds.

NOIS was developed by music technology pioneer ROLI, and the app’s expressive power can be expanded with ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music studio.

Your touch screen becomes a real musical instrument with NOIS, which lets you shape sounds by drumming the screen, gliding your fingers along it, pressing into it, and lifting off. You make music through intuitive gestures on a grid of colorful pads. Each pad is a particular instrument or a note in a scale.

NOIS makes you both a performer and a producer. Start by choosing from custom-made sounds that range from bongo drums to string sections to zithers. Shape those sounds into beats and melodies, and record them as loops. Then mix and match these loops and build amazingly multi-layered songs.

If you love listening to music but don’t think you can play an instrument, NOIS may change your mind. It’s a fun, interactive learning tool. In Learn Mode, just trace illuminated Light Trails to learn how to shape beats and melodies. Choose from one of 15 scales, and the notes of that scale light up on the grid. Turn on Hide Mode to always stay in tune — it hides notes that not in the key. Use Snap Mode to stay in time — it snaps your performance to the tempo.

Grimes, RZA, Steve Aoki, and other world-renowned artists are releasing signature soundpacks for everyone making music with NOISE. Build your next song with sounds straight from the studio of a professional artist. Available through in-app purchase and on

The power of NOISE expands when it’s connected to ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music studio. Pairing wirelessly, NOISE is the software engine for BLOCKS. Visit to learn more about the Lightpad Block, the central Block in the system. On the Lightpad Block’s pressure-sensitive, illuminated surface you shape sound in all the ways you do in NOISE, with a surface that lets you be even more expressive.


Supported on Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S8
Other Pro Audio devices may not offer high performances

User reviews :

Won’t let me create a sign-in because it says my username is invalid, even though I followed the qualifications to a T. For some reason, predictive text on Gboard doesn’t even work in this app, which is a massive inconvenience for me. This app has been plagued by horrendous performance issues in the past, and I was willing to look over those, but I’ve just about had it.

Sounds works just fine on Pixel3A. I get the crackles/distortion/hiss on Samsung GalaxyTab S4. It just depends on the quality of the sound chips in your Android device. The problem with the app itself is that there is no OVERDUB ability. I’ve watched IOS video and once something is recorded in a loop, the record button should change to OVERDUB but on the Android version, it does not. So it’s basically impossible to create a beat since you can’t overdub to add parts. This is an oversight by Roli programmers and I would hope they get it fixed.

The app has so much potential but it’s clear that they prioritize the IOS app over this one. Laggy login and typing but the sounds, mixers, and lightpad work relatively lag free aside from the general bluetooth latency. Roli, please keep optimizing this app. I love your products but hate that the seaboard and lightpad don’t work as well on windows and android.

I’m thankful for having this app, but Roli is clearly targeted towards Apple users. This app is a port of the iOS version and if you are used to material design, you will not feel comfortable with it. App crashes a lot, causes cracking noise, and misses basic warnings like “turn on GPS in order to discover Bluetooth devices” which cost me an hour of troubleshooting. For the price of the instrument, this is not what I would expect. If you don’t mind being second class citizen, give a try.

The hardware is awesome. I found that the latency using Bluetooth and my phone was significant enough that making loops was really difficult. Connected to my pc, via USB, and playing though ableton, the latency is totally fine. For playing with instruments, this app is great. For making music, it needs to be improved. I’ve switched to Roland zenbeats for using the roli lightpad block with my phone.

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