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Nonogram is an addictive picture cross puzzle with a vast collection of griddlers.

Challenge your mind with this easy-to-play number puzzle from a top developer, and become a real Nonogram master! Join nonogram puzzle players all around the world, use logic to reveal pixel art pictures, and have fun!

Nonogram highlights:

Classic nonogram puzzle gameplay meets a clean design and a set of features to make your game varied and exciting. Find your favorite puzzle page, and play anytime, anywhere.
Picture cross puzzles are a great tool to keep your mind active. Choose your difficulty level, and enjoy building a unique nonograms collection. Exercise your logical thinking and imagination at the same time!
These number puzzles are great for whenever you need a break from your daily routine. Pick up your phone or tablet, color some nonogram pictures to relax and unwind!

Nonogram features:

Plenty of nonogram puzzles with non-repeating images to color.
Seasonal Events. Complete time limited events by solving nonograms of several difficulty levels. Reveal and collect all the unique picture cross postcards. Follow our number puzzle updates to never miss a single event!
Daily Challenges. Solve picture cross puzzles every day to earn crowns. Get a special monthly trophy if you solve all the nonograms and collect all the crowns in a month!
Tournaments. Compete with other players and color as many nonogram pictures as you can. Choose a more difficult puzzle page to practice your skills, earn more points and win the top prize!
Use hints if you get stuck while solving picture cross puzzles.
Auto-crosses help you fill the grid on the lines in the number puzzles where the squares are already correctly colored.

A nonogram is also known as a picture cross, griddler, picross or pictogram. Those who have heard of any of these will likely know the rules.

They are quite simple:

The goal is to fill the picture cross grid and reveal a hidden image by deciding which nonogram cells to color.
Follow the clues with numbers to understand which cells should be colored or left blank to solve nonograms.
Every nonogram puzzle page has numbers beside each row and above each column of the grid. They show you how many unbroken lines of colored cells there are in a given row or column, and their order.
There should be at least one empty square between unbroken lines in this number puzzle.
You can mark cells that should not be colored with crosses. This can help you visualize your next moves on a puzzle page.

Dive into the world of Nonogram! Challenge your mind with a puzzle page of your preferred difficulty. Compete with other players solving picture cross puzzles! Improve your logic skills, discover new artworks, and have fun with nonograms!

Nonogram user reviews :

The game is absolutely great among the other nonogram games. The interface is very simple and there’s a lot of level, often tournament and daily challenges. Also, I love the difficulty making the game challenging. But I have a suggestion. Please make the game restorable. Like we can connect it to facebook or Google play games so that we can save the progress.

I like the gameplay and the events are very fun to complete, but a lot of the time the ads crash my game and I’m forced to restart the game multiple times before I can play again. Also, it doesn’t feel great when you’re given the option to watch an ad for a life or to just restart, yet most of the time you watch an ad either way. Besides the crashes and inability to play at times, the gameplay experience is fun.

  • Hi, we’re sorry you’re experiencing trouble! Please kindly contact us through the “Help” in the app so we can investigate and resolve the issue. Thank you!

It would be great if you could add a feature where players with fat fingers or problems with their vision could zoom in on a section of the larger boards. EDIT: The ads from InMobi Ad Network, particularly the revolving Minions ad, do not have a reward timer, nor do they have an ‘X’ in the upper corner and so are impossible to exit from. I have to keep using the ‘Close All’ function to restart the game.

  • Hello, thanks for your feedback! We’re sorry for this inconvenience and will consider adding a zoom feature in the future. Could you please contact us via the ‘Help’ in the app and send a screenshot of this ad? We’ll make sure to block it. Thank you in advance!

Love the game but recently the ads have become way more intrusive. Before and after a level, ok. But then in the middle, one or two ads and then I usually get one that locks up my phone and then I have to restart everything and lose my spot on the level. Having to start over multiple times is about to make me quit playing this game. Please get these ads under control and don’t make them pop up in the middle of concentrating. If this improves, I will give it a 5.

  • Hi! Apologies for interrupting your game with ads. We’ll work towards making your experience more enjoyable. Also, we cannot remove all ads as we need to support the app, and ads give us a chance to make the game available to everyone for free. If you wish to stop all ads, you can do that for a small one-time fee in Settings.

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