Nordicandia – Adventure forth as a mighty Warrior

[Game] Nordicandia – Semi Idle RPG

NordicandiaCollect epic loot, craft and merge items, and level up your character to beat the World Bosses in this Semi Idle Action RPG!

Choose your class
Adventure forth as a mighty Warrior, agile Hunter or a powerful Mage. Assign Attributes to specialize your Character, and unlock unique Active and Passive Skills as you progress.

Auto move and attack
Your character will target and attack monsters automatically, you can tap-to-move and use skills and potions in strategic moments.

Accessible gameplay
Play actively as much as you want (no limiting Energy system), or you can let your character gain Experience and Loot even when you’re away from your phone!

Deep crafting system
Merge stats from one item to another with Essences at the Blacksmith, disassemble items, and use relics to further empower your equipment!

Skills for your playstyle
Invest points into skill masteries to customize your gameplay.
Do you prefer an active playstyle, or do you want to be more passive and boost your character’s idle power?
The choice is yours!

Defeat challenging bosses
Battle against Beasts, Demons, Orcs, Dragons and more, in many different worlds, and defeat the fiercest of bosses for epic rewards!
Venture into side areas and encounter unique challenges.

Compete on the Leaderboard
Compete with other players on the Leaderboard and receive epic rewards, there is no level cap!

Playable offline
After downloading the required game data you can hack and slash your way through monsters even when you don’t have an internet connection!

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Nordicandia user reviews :

So this game is amazing. It scratches a good idle fantasy idle game. The progression is pretty straight forward and easy to pick up. The amount of loot and upgrading you can do is on par with Diablo. The choices of races and classes is wonderful and in depth. My only complaint is that you cannot stack the gems to improve certain stats in armor and weapons. So they kind of take up a lot space. But other than that an outstanding game!

I first discovered this game about 15 months ago. It is a solo dev passion project, a dev who is responsive and open to feedback. The game has evolved from a work-in-progress to a well-polished experience. Players can choose classes and races that favor active, idle, or hybrid playstyles. A diverse collection of sets and unique items add additional depth to character builds, offering significantly more playability than most mobile rpg experiences. I encourage everyone to try this game.

Great game, I downloaded this thinking it was just another blast your way through lvls and equip the best item game but there’s so much more, the crafting system is immense and will keep you busy just finding the best combinations. Best idle on the market by far, not one forced ad either which is a massive bonus

Interesting game, didnt play for very long, but its not really for me. I dont care for graphics much, it looks neat at least. But like I said, the gameplay isnt for everyone. It just doesnt feel entertaining enough for me. Runs just fine though no issues there!

Fantastic game. I see this game going far. Crafting system is very nice and provides goals that are rewarding for the player. The great community is a huge plus as well. Keep up the great work!

I play this game on steam and on my phone. fans of path of exile and Diablo or any other arpg/ loot / crafting will love it. it’s still in development. idk why so many bad ratings but it is amazing I love it. no ads no pay to win

The game is a hack and slash focused on loot, builds and progress. There is no end level, with seasons lasting 3 months. There is a hardcore mode also. You can earn premium currency by just playing and unlock anything you need after a little bit of grinding. It is not pay to win, but there is some minor pay to speed up early game. Makes no difference mid/late game. The game is cross play with IOS/PC. The dev is very active and listens to feedback in discord. Definitely worth a try!

  • Thanks for your feedback! We’re glad that you like the game! You can join our Discord to chat with the developers and check out the development roadmap for Nordicandia! /Iterative Studios

Better than I thought, give it a shot it’s a good game I’m an old school gamer I rarely find anything mobile that keeps me engaged this does.

Work in progress, but is a great idle game that provides a ton of satisfaction already

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