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[Game] Palace and Puzzles – Epic Match3

Palace and PuzzlePalace & Puzzles is not only a game, it is a war of empire. Solve the mysteries in the game. Vivid tales of combat, relationships, and politics weave the dynamic tapestry of this historic time.

Match-3 Puzzles
Match and blast the crazy combos. Fight the Boss with your army.

Lead legendary heroes
Over hundreds of characters you can choose and every one of them has its own story.

Pursue courtly romance
Meet and date companions around the world. Who will to be your Queen or King?

Conquer the world
Explore the deserved maps. This new world is composed of 4 Kingdoms. The different camp has different challenges.

Team up with friends
Play with your Alliance, battle in PvP or PvE, and rise up the global ranks.

Your army is waiting for you to back to rule this kingdom.

PLEASE NOTE:Palace & Puzzles is free to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your mobile settings.
Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 17 years to play or download Palace and Puzzles.

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Palace and Puzzle user reviews :

The gameplay itself is quite good but the frustrating thing is I have upgraded the majority of my characters to between 40-60 but I now need a character that heals,I have one but I need to promote them in order to get them to a similar level,I need an apprentice dagger,but no matter which level I replay etc… I can’t get one,there’s none in the hunting grounds either. Honestly this is very frustrating. Especially when you can only battle as long as your energy lasts.

(3,5*) The game is good, catchy and definitely the most captivating of all the match 3 puzzles I played so far. But it has flaws. The most noticeable would be strong encouragement for pay to win (I don’t mind when game want’s you to pay small money, but offers for 50+ dollars are just too much. Next the game causes my phone to glitch from time to time and I have to restart it to get rid of it. And lastly I would prefer if power of heroes was bigger. It took me forever to get from 2900 to 3000

I haven’t been playing that long but so far I’m enjoying myself. There is plenty to do. So far as a free player I’ve been able to do what I want. Rewards seem generous. I just hope long term it doesn’t turn into a grind. I only wish there was some offline playability as I don’t have much access to the internet due to electricity issues in my country.

The graphics and the voice of characters are good. The gameplay seems smooth as well. The tutorial is well planned to help players. Character’s are nice and the story is fun. I appreciate the developer’s efforts. I am looking forward to future updates.

Fix the bugs! I can not even play the game because once it opens the main screen it wants me to click on one of the icons on the left and literally will only let me click on that and then it doesn’t work!! It does nothing!!!!

  • We appreciate your feedback. We are aware of the screen issue and will take your feedback into consideration. Regarding the issue with game broken, please switch to a different data/ wireless connection and try again. If you have any further input or queries, you can contact us through customer service

I have a lot of complaints against battle play and wisdom in this game. Sure, elements play they part but it is so unbalanced, that counter element is like fighting a wall instead of making balance counter between element + power level + star level + skills level. They dont have that balance power game but focus more on elements counterpart which is ashamed. Also, make a clearer distinguish as I cant grasp what level my enemy is other than power said, confusing me of why my heroes depleted easil

  • Regarding the combat strategy and gameplay in the game, you can conduct research through community guides, and at the same time discuss with members of the alliance. I believe you will be able to find a hero team that suits you.

It is a great game!!! Customer support is awesome to work with, I got a new phone and lost my account, but they were quick and efficient to help me retrieve it!!! I appreciate games like this as help like that shows they care for the customer!!!

  • We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with our game. Please do not hesitate to contact us through customer service. Thank you.

I enjoy the game lots of characters and game play. Wish there was a way to combine the lvl1 books to make lvl 2 books. Same with swords. It gets hard to update characters sometimes

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