Oden Cart A Heartwarming Tale – Complex stories unfold with each new gripe

[Game] Oden Cart A Heartwarming Tale

Oden Cart A Heartwarming TaleThe strangely moving tale of a small oden cart on the edge of a quiet town.
Take on the role of an old man managing his oden cart in this relaxing, story-driven game.

The customers who frequent your cart all have a few…quirks.
Help your customers blow off steam by listening to their gripes about everyday life.

Their rich, complex stories unfold with each new gripe.
Yes, believe it or not, their casual complaints reveal a moving story with a surprising twist!

Tonight, you’ll witness something special.

We are not after your wallet! This game is 100% free, and has no in-app purchases. Play a little bit each day!
We hope this game can give tired souls out there a moment of relaxation during a busy day.


Everyone has secrets.

Treasured memories.
Little frustrations about life and love.
…And memories too painful to bear.
These are things that go unsaid.

This is a humble oden cart.
It sits at the edge of town every night.

Those burdened with gloomy thoughts
can stop by for a moment’s respite.
The customers are already beginning to arrive…

◎How to Play
Tap or swipe the customers’ gripes to listen to them. They’ll feel better, and you’ll sell more oden. Win-win!
The customers may repeat themselves, but remember to be patient. We all need a shoulder to cry on now and again.
Keep playing to see how their stories end!

Playing the Game
Use the Restock Menu to purchase oden.
Customers will drop in. Each harbors their own secrets.
Tap or swipe to listen to your customers’ gripes!
Listening to gripes keeps customers happy, and helps your bottom line!
The more money you have, the more types of oden you can buy!
Listening to a customers’ gripes enough times increases their Loyalty Level.
The higher the Loyalty Level, the longer they linger at your cart.

Listen to what your customers have to say, and see how their stories unfold!

Restocking Your Cart
Purchase oden to fill your cart and draw in customers.
Your stock of oden will get eaten up after a while, so be sure to check in regularly and restock.

Helpful Hints:

◎◎◎Different customers show up depending on the oden you stock.
◎◎◎See each customer’s favorite food in the “Customers” menu.
◎◎◎Raise a customer’s Loyalty Level and they might open up to you even more!

This software includes the work that is distributed in the apache license 2.0


Oden Cart A Heartwarming Tale user reviews :

I downloaded this game four years ago on an old phone and once I broke the phone, the game was left behind. I recently rediscovered the game and I was excited to explore the stories again. I finished the game within a week and I’m completely satisfied. The stories and how they intertwined was lovely and I loved the characters! It did get tough when they was one speech bubble to complete the story, yet it just didn’t arrive for a while.

It’s a good game, not hard just restock your cart with the customers favorite oden to get their loyalty level up. It may take a little while for some stories to complete. Was able to finish in a week. Just wish we could do more with the coins we get, like upgrading the cart. Otherwise you just accumulate coins. But not a bad game. Loved the mystery.

At first it was fun and interesting game to play with lots of characters and intertwined stories, but after some time it became boring with the same completed characters keeps coming, and coming, and coming. They told the same thing over and over and over again, no story progression. Even the uncompleted one won’t stay for long and unlocking their story is time wasting. Been stuck on 2 characters completed.

The stories, the music, the graphics, gameplay everything is so amazing. Never expected to have such mind blowing twists in the story. Just one problem, if you are a kind of person who has very limited patience, like me, then you’ll die of agony before you complete all the stories. It’s a tiny winy little bit too slow

Meant to leave this review months ago, but I just finished my review of the sequel (which I just finished, BTW), so I’m leaving my review for the first game now: It’s great and despite the graphics, touches on themes and subjects that are… A bit dark; As such, not a kid-friendly time waster, but a casual way to spend time, for an adult, that ranges from the endearingly sweet to the thrill of criminal intrigue. In any case, I definitely recommend this game!

I am currently playing this game. The storyline is good, you have to get all chats from 12 people to get their endings. Some people connected to each other, some didn’t. The good things are no intrusive ads, not p2w game, and easy to control. Sometimes it’s kinda boring because it really takes time to get new chat from same people. But the art and graphic is very nice. It makes me hungry tho, seeing many types of oden. Hahaha… So overall it’s good game. Keep the good work, dev!

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