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Offline Organic Maps  Our free app does not track you and does not have ads.

It is constantly being improved by contributors and our small team, in our free time.
If something is wrong or missing on the map, please fix it in OpenStreetMap and see your changes in the future maps update.

Your feedback and 5-star reviews are the best motivators for us!

Key features:

Free, open-source, no ads, no tracking
Detailed offline maps with places that don’t exist on Google maps, thanks to the OpenStreetMap community
Cycling routes, hiking trails, and walking paths
Contour lines, elevation profiles, peaks, and slopes
Turn-by-turn walking, cycling, and EXPERIMENTAL car navigation with voice guidance
Fast offline search
Bookmarks export and import in KML/KMZ formats (GPX is coming soon)
Dark mode to protect your eyes

There is no Android Auto, public transport, satellite maps, and other cool features yet in Organic Maps. But with your help and support, we can make this world better step by step.

Organic Maps is pure and organic, made with love:

Blazing fast offline experience
Respects your privacy
Saves your battery
No unexpected mobile data charges
Simple to use, with only most important features included

Free from trackers and other bad stuff:

No ads
No tracking
No data collection
No phoning home
No annoying registration
No mandatory tutorials
No noisy email spam
No push notifications
No crapware
N̶o̶ ̶p̶e̶s̶t̶i̶c̶i̶d̶e̶s̶ Purely organic

At Organic Maps, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right:

Organic Maps is an indie community-driven open-source project
We protect privacy from Big Tech’s prying eyes
Stay safe no matter wherever you are

Zero trackers and only minimally required permissions are found according to Exodus Privacy Report.

Please visit website for additional details and FAQ, and contact us directly at @OrganicMapsApp in Telegram.

Reject surveillance – embrace your freedom.
Give Organic Maps a try!

Offline Organic Maps user reviews :

Great map showing OSM data. One wish: I’d love if moving around were smoother – more like Google maps. That it doesn’t just stop if I fling the map around, but sort of tapers off and slowly comes to a halt. Would make navigating around the map much more comfortable and easy. I’d love to see this implemented. Other than that (and the lacking search function, that’s probably mostly down to OSM data) great app.

  • Can you please record a video example of what you want regarding smooth taps and send it to our email, or create an issue on GitHub? We’ll improve search, it should work with some hints of where to look (town name, etc) if there is a valid OSM data.

Nice app for offline navigation. The best feature for this app is it’s simplicity, not having unnecessary gimmicky features. One feature I would recommend having is showing the speed limits. The implementation of the night mode is also weird, in auto night mode, only the navigation screen is dark, not the whole app, making it a bit blinding to start the app. Hope this is fixed soon. Overall the app has great potential, but still needs some way to go.

  • The current dark/light setting is in “Navigation” subsection. It needs some fixes, you’re right. There is a big issue about it on our GitHub.

This app is currently the best replacement for a Google Maps experience. It’s easy to look at. It beats OsmAnd for design and ease-of-use. It’s snappy and responsive like GM never was. What keeps this from fully replacing GM is not an issue with the app but with the data. For example, Open Street Map – that’s the name of the map data – probably doesn’t include the house number you are looking for. You will likely find the street, but beyond that you’ll need to use your wits.

  • Well, you can always add missing houses or house numbers into the OpenStreetMap data. Organic Maps allows to add/edit some basic missing features.

As I long time user of Maps.Me I was delighted to stumble across OrganicMaps which seems to be all the best of Maps.Me but minus the monetisation drive. I have just deleted and plan on using Organic Maps as my primary maping tool from now. I would happily pay a subscription but until that is an option I will just make a donation. I will be giving this app a big shout out to all my hiking and cycling friends. We need to collectively raise the profile of this brilliant app!

Tried this sat nav and all looks good however I’ve got a problem with this software. 1) I connected my phone to the Mondeo Bluetooth but always set sat navs to come through phone speaker that couldn’t be achieved infact I got no sound at all. 2) The sat nav runs smooth when I have a route to go to but when no route is plotted it’s very notchy not smooth at all infact unusable really as it runs slow and lags behind. My phone is a pixel running the latest software. I hope their is a fix

  • Could you please record a short video of lags (notchy not smooth) and send us on android[at]

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